Thursday, October 30, 2008

One genny, two genny, three genny more.

Last fall the Big Cheese had removed all the hydro service at the marina we're in presently, as he'd had so many tenants in arrears in moorage and hydro that he pulled it out. It eventually lead for most of them to leave and so thus, room for us. All summer he kept promising that it is going back in and the "six weeks" is now becoming six months.

For years he'd been between a bit of a rock and a hard place for the city had deemed the property and old barns historical and thus have been really restrictive on development. It had one time been a big boat building yard and they wouldn't let him renovate the barns. One of the barns burned down a couple of years ago and now only one remains, such as it is and so he has been waiting on approvals from various and sundry municipal and provincial officials to proceed with future development.

All summer I've used this big coffin of a cooler for a fridge. It is a pain as the lid is broken and it doesn't stay open properly and the fridge runs on electricity. I would LOVE a three-way unit (batt/electric/propane), and it is on the round-tuit list to look into the RV places and see if I can get one. My folks had to replace the fridge in their RV and found buying a used/reconditioned unit came with a better warranty than with new. That darn cooler has proven to become quite tedious for the constant need to keep ice in it and perishables perish quickly.

We made do for the summer for a little bit as we have a 4 kw gas generator that I can run lights and my computer. However you can't have too many heaters on the system as it just doesn't have the jam and it blows its breaker. The
Malacite, which the Big Cheese recently sold to one of his captains, pulled into the marina for the next month or so. The Malacite, got a thorough going over as it had been damaged in this storm back in July. It was out for most of the summer getting a major makeover. Captain Mort bought it a month or so ago. It has a 18kw marine genset and with all the renovations to the vessel, Greig urged Mort that he should keep the Malacite heated or all that new wood work would soon go to crap - especially with the onset of a rainy winter. However, Mort didn't know that there was no shore power at Sather so Greig agreed to keep an eye on it and heated if we could tie into the genset on the Malacite and contribute for diesel. We're feeling frustrated that the Big Cheese keeps blowing us off where Hydro is concerned (but we aren't the only ones) as if he isn't or wasn't really going to get a new mast put in then it would be really nice if he'd just say so. We even offered to put the service in our own name just so he wasn't liable for the bottom line. I guess maybe because he owns the property that is a no-no.

Just additonal frustration on top of EVERYTHING else as we've been trying to clean up post-Bowie debacle and all the parasitical behavior therein. That said, there are things I can make do and live without, electricity being far more expendable than water and that was fine. FOR THE SUMMER. The saving grace is that at least I have water and a propane hot water tank and my stove is propane too. If those were all electric I'd have gone off the deep end. Camping has only so much cachet, for only so long in this miserable wet coast climate.

We've been looking at purchasing a genset to keep the three boats here heated. I told Greig to tell Big Cheese that I'd rather pay him moorage than have to go the the extra wasted expense of a genset just because he can't be bothered to put in a new mast. So Greig paid him this months in advance and he brought another back up genset down from the office for us to use.

We are already hauling down three kinds of fuel - propane for my stove and hot water tank; gas for that genset and kerosene for a big heater we're using in place of the wood stove. I am not using the wood stove for we just don't have a place to store wood nor do we have the same kind of access to firewood that we did on Mitchell. Besides, with all the firewood that we split over the past five years, we're both a bit grateful for the break. I do miss the fire though for it sucks up the humidity in the air like nothing else and I have noticed far more condensation on my boat that I've not had in the previous two winters on the Partnership. Everything in my cupboards has some condensation as well as the windows. I guess kerosene is a damp heat like propane. Still in all, none of it is all that efficient and I hate having to depend on those different fossil fuels. Though the kerosene heater is not like the hippie killers of old, it still sends out a puff when you light it and extinguish it and it, well, stinks! Belize is calling to me...

Greig spent yesterday setting up a bypass that we can run the boat off both the two gensets when we need to. I am not entirely clear on where the third one is going and how that will all pan out but I know he has a plan and it specifically entails getting the two-person hot tub on the Float house going We never used it really for we had the big one on the Bowie and I felt maintaining two was just silly. But Greig fell down a hatch last week and has been missing soaking especially now and so his priorities have shifted somewhat.

I just look forward to not having to listen to a bunch of generators going and only having to haul down ONE kind of fuel down icy ramps - propane for my floatie.


rob said...

Wow Tana it sounds like you might have a cold winter!:o(( I felt the effect of my Eberspacher dying on me last week end but its going now with a new plug and screen and its "toastie" I dont envy you!

bowiechick said...

You know Rob, I live in western Canada where the winters are positively tropical as compared to the likes Newfoundland and the ROC (rest of Canada). I am whining for a plethora of reasons but all in all I am pretty darn lucky and could be far worse off than many people in this world. So far, I am not relegated to having to live in a tent.

I should stop bitching but then it wouldn't be quite as interesting to talk about. Of course I am assuming it is interesting in the first place, ha, ha.

rob said...

Oh yea its interesting alright. My electric supply problem pales into insignificance compared to your "lack of", I still haven`t yet got my "frost stats" set on my engine room and lazarette where the water tanks are but I will do that possibly tomorrow or Sunday. I have a 32 amp supply and only a 16 amp cable so when I use the immersion heater I can`t use the kettle and when I switch off the immersion I can`t use the hob
:o(( He Hee! what a shame? as you say there are a lot worse off than us.

Jamie said...

Oh, do I ever empathize with heating issues! Yes, indeed. I still swear that I cannot live without heat and Internet access. Everything else can all go to hell, but not those two! I hadn't realized you'd been quite so Without this summer. I like the idea of getting your hot tub going. That's the next project onboard KJ ~ Brock's got it pretty well figured. Yes, you could be worse off, but I still wish you power!