Thursday, November 06, 2008

All I want for Christmas is shore power.

Much to our chagrin and desperation, we bought a diesel genset. And a schwack of fuel from Mini-Tankers.

The first one (6000KW) ran fine (after we got it home and lugged it down the dock and into boathouse) but it produced no juice. We lugged it back over the dock and up the ramp again, and came home with a used 5000KW King.

The whole shore power issue is indeed tied up in property development and Big Cheese is trying to get plans for the electrical from his architect who is apparently not so johnny-on-the-spot with returning calls. But now at least it has met the approval stage from the City so it is in process.

All I want for Christmas is shore power.

Alas, I fell into a fevered sleep thanks to the onset of the latest bug I've caught and so I let the Nagata run out of fuel the other day. BIG MISTAKE. Greig has not been able to get that restarted and will take it in to KMS for a stroke and a tickle to get that back going.

Now our new (used) King, has a "silent" sticker on it but it is anything but. Greig was only able to get it half power up the floatie. We had to run an extension cord for the fridge into bathroom to run it. Hopefully if they build a generator shack on the dock those gensets can go in there and maybe we can shut a door on that racket.

In the meantime, the November misery has begun. I fell into another fevered reverie whilst he puttered about to get everything hooked up.

There is no way I could do all this without him. Well, maybe in a non-run-down-marina-with-real-infrastructure-and real-systems in place.

Maybe, but I live in
lower Dogpatch.


Tim Zim said...

That generator looks suspiciously like the 'silent' Chinese made genset I ran foul of!

Bloody thing!


bowiechick said...

They are all made in China apparently.