Friday, November 28, 2008

Life and good times with the Goblin

We sold another boat! Yipee. The Green Goblin, is a 22' Fibreform and we called it that 'cos it was green and gobbled up the gas. We had many lovely times on the Goblin. Enjoy Andrew!

Greig's daughter Dosha, aged 9, Aug 2005, coming back from an afternoon on Wreck Beach.

And his son Bui, 12 here and in this picture I could see the
handsome young man he was becoming.

I know I have more pictures of us playing on the Goblin, but most of them were pre-digital camera. Fun times.


Jamie said...

Congratu-s!!! That is awesome, my dear. Yeah, the kids really are both strikingly good-looking.

rob said...

Congrats on the sale of the boat! the kids look great, I bet they are great fun, if a little of a handful (like all kids are) :o))