Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tips for new paupers

Occasionally, Matt in Portsmouth, NH, kindly sends me an email or a link to something interesting. It was completely depressing given the current state of my health* at the moment but I've read it several times and felt the need to share. Apparently some elements in this article, reminded him of some of the things I have written about in this blog. That said, both Greig and I had to nod our heads in agreement with the writer, John Dolan. Yes, there is a mention of boats in the article too.

Favorite bits:
  • "They’re flinchy people, mainly, who spend a lot of time waiting for things. When you’re waiting, you get very frustrated but you don’t want to shake things up. So they’re tense, bitter, sociable, gossipy and treacherous—a fine cross-section of the population."

  • "They’re not going to mug you. They are going to try to get any cash you have, and God did they get a huge chunk of our last resources, but it was friendly, schmooze-based extortion, just like in the middle-class world."

  • "Tom Cruise can go fuck himself. Prozac saved our lives. I won’t go into the sordid details but really, I don’t think we’d be here now if Saint Prozac hadn’t extended a sacred hand to us.

  • "If you want a break from the relentless olfactory fact of being around unwashed large mammals, sidle up to somebody who smokes. That’s the one good thing about cigarettes, and it may be why losers all smoke. Don’t smoke just for that, though. Cigarettes are insanely expensive and turn lots of poor people into cringing beggars."

  • "The old world is very much alive, and has it in for you. Do anything to keep it from killing you."
Thanks Matt!

*(I am recuperating from 2.5 months of various and sundry antibotics for a strep/bladder infections which has turned out to be Mononucleosis. I had been taking Cipro but had a terrible reaction and handed the pills back to my doctor. It has really thrown my liver out of whack, given me killer migranes, nausea and the lymph nodes in my neck, particularly the left side are swollen out the wazoo.)


Jelaina said...

hey I found out I was allergic to Cipro after breaking out in hives... funny now that I look back, but not so funny at the time.

Anyhoo, hoping you feel better-- I remember when my honey had Mono.. it totally sucked too and we had no idea (thought it was strep) until it was 2/3 of the way through.

Jamie said...

That was an incredibly articulate post of his ~ thanks for sharing it with us. Interesting website've led me to some pretty odd and cool places, T.

leap said...

these tips come at a particularly appropriate time for me... i hope you are on the upswing, we all miss you!