Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Wake up!"

"You're sinking," he said. It was 5am.

"Oh crap," I bolted up out of bed, my fevered brain bouncing inside my skull with a solid thunk.

Gawd. It just doesn't bleedin' end! One thing after another. Well, I wasn't
really sinking but I was taking on water. And this is a weird one.

I have two black tanks for this boat. I have no where to pump these black tanks to so they are bypassed. This black tank on the port side was dribbling out a steady stream of water from the 4" drain pipe and into the hold. It isn't connected to any of the interior plumbing and there is no where it could fill from the out drain. So where was the water coming from?

"Let's just get a pump in it and then just go back to bed and sleep and we'll finish this off when I get home later," Greig said, as he was off to drive for the new Granville Island Water Taxi.

What happened was the 1" vent pipe that leads from the top of the tank through the hull must have got below the waterline enough to and siphon enough back into the black tank, causing it to over flow even though it sits above the water line.

I literally didn't have the boots for this but I needed a pair of gummies anyway. And I needed Tylenol and ginger ale. When you are sick, as I have been for this past week, you don't always have the luxury of just ignoring things. Especially when the other half is working on another boat across town. Besides, he is too big to try and contort himself into that hole, bend over that cross brace and stuff a shoulder up under that rafter and twist around to get at that pipe clamp behind the black tank. Ya, baby, fun times with old poopy water dripping on you. (Some men find that hot apparently). Ah well, plumbing is one of those blue chores I don't mind tackling normally but when I am sick it makes me a big weepy crybaby.

I pulled the spare bilge pump out of the port side engine hatch and stuck it in the forward leaky one and kept up with pumping it most of the day until I got the validation to fix what I thought had to be fixed.

I cut off that vent pipe and stuffed a cork in it and clamped it up. I'll shop vac out that hold when I am feeling better and figure out a way to get all that water out of that tank. I don't need the extra weight in my bow.

That all said, old poopy water isn't as bad or toxic as old gasoline gone bad. I will take the former over the latter in a heartbeat!


rob said...

Great Job! well done. No need to pump out the not so poopy water for a while, but maybe prefferable while you feel sick, or it will all happen again? Hope all goes well. :o))

bowiechick said...

No it should be all fine now. It could all have been caused just by the odd passing boat and bit by bit the thing filled up. Just another one of Bernie's design flaws with this boat.

Jamie said...

Fevered, exhausted and covered in not-so-lovely residue...And yet you manage to look sexy and tough while doing it! You're amazing. Now go back to bed!

rob said...

You look much taller than I imagined :o))

bowiechick said...

Ya, not bad for a chick with Mono eh?

rob said...