Friday, December 19, 2008

Ice, ice baby

So as I have been posting for the last week or so, it's kinda cold. How cold is it? Well, take a look. I am lucky I had had the forethought to grab my camera. Keep in mind this is a slower incoming tide. We'll be on yellow to red alert on the outflowing tide.

Oh, and please excuse my Captain's
(actually our) salty tongues. It was a dramatic moment! And it was a bit like from the movie, Day after Tomorrow.


Tracey said...

Holy crap Tana! Was that your dock that washed away? How did you get off your boat?

I told Laurie D. to check this out so she can see how crazy our weather has been.

Stay warm, my friend . . .


rob said...

Whoa! terrifying stuff, thanks for posting it. You don`t "seem" too concerned for your safety I guess you have some Ice protection for your boat? Have a safe holiday, and keep warm, I got cold just watching it.:o))

bowiechick said...

We were never so much in danger as to have to leave this boat. Though our friend Len booked off the float house pretty quickly.

Today though the river is frozen right across and we are thawing the hoses, again. Looking forward to the Tuesday when it is supposed to start warming up again.


Jamie said...

Wow. Your language was a lot cleaner than mine might have been under the circumstances...that's impressive. And yeah, I agree with Rob ~ you sound awfully calm considering the world around you is getting washed downstream...Crazy lady of a crazy Viking!