Monday, December 15, 2008

Minor Sunday morning disasters

We are working hard trying to stay warm for another winter. Our first blast arrived on Saturday night with snow throwing the lower mainland into a complete tizzy. It turned cold by Sunday morning (-6 Celsius) and I woke up to the sound of gushing water again. This time a hose connection entering into the floathouse came apart. Inside damage amounted to the bulk of my clean towels on the shelves above the toilet getting wet.

Exterior only giving the outside of the house a good and thorough soaking and covering the bike and the breezeway there in a fairly solid layer of ice. Motivations to take the wet towels to the laundromat quickly fizzled due to other chores so I just hung the whole mess of wetness over the upstairs railing in the loft. I've still some drying out.

It is so cold we have been running the genset steady. At 3am, it stopped and Greig got up to check it. Dressed again only in his bathrobe,* he decided it need an oil change on the spot.

Forecast is for the temp to go down to -16 C tonight and we are slated for snow on Wednesday and this chill is suppose to last another week or so.

*Many a emergency has occured where Greig is often found to bolt out of bed, donning only a his bathrobe and slippers to spend two to three hours tending to said emergency. After, and only after when things finally get "under control" he realizes that perhaps it is finally safe enough for him to put on pants.


Jamie said...

Maybe keeping pants and a sweatshirt folded up by the bed as emergency clothing would be a good idea...

And why is it always 3 am????? Seems to be another Boat Rule.

bowiechick said...

Ya, seems so simple but he usually leaves his clothes in a pile on the floor so you would thing those would suffice? Alas, nooo!