Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rumour has it

The shore power may finally be coming! Could it be that I actually get my Christmas wish? Please, oh Shore Power God, say it so please!

We have a family staying on the Sea Ferring for the time being and they are adjusting to living on the water. The father is quite a land lubber and his wife is loving it. He's going through the adjustments and quite undecided about it all. The kids, well, their two oldest are quite used to this as they are best friends with Greig's kids and so we actually feel more comfortable with the kids in charge as they've been in training for a couple of years. They have stronger sea legs, not that serious sea legs as much as a different mindset than on land.

We've been on that diesel genset for about a month and it suddenly started leaking oil. Greig picked up a cheap (*$850) gas genset from Walmart and promptly had to return that for another as it crapped out within the first 48 hours. He's taken the King back to KMS tools to see the what/where/why of this oil leak. (And Tim, you're probably right as it may be a piece if crap genset too for it works but poo's out oil.) Alas, Big Cheese had asked our guests on the Sea Ferring to plug his two sport fishers in occasionally as those bilges need pumping too but he didn't tell them HOW MUCH pumping would be required (nor did he chip in for fuel) and so guess what happened? Well, it didn't entirely sink, just all the new mechanical. Sigh. Well, if he wasn't so stubborn and cheap about getting that shore power in that would have been less likely to have happened 'cos his boat would have been plugged in!

Our man about shore, Len, says he over heard the Big Cheese on the phone the other day finally doing the deal and ordering the power. Yes, we know he's been blowing us off for months on this issue. Back in June we even told Big Cheese that we would pay for the shore power mast etc and since then we've paid that in bulk diesel in generators and so it seems like a waste of resources but such as it is in this boating life.

The Malacite has gone back down the river today as it does have a few charters for the meager amount of Carol Ships that are booked until Christmas. These are totally down over last year and I am so glad Greig has the new job. Phew. It will be back up again in the new year until the spring or depending how bookings go.

Here is hoping I can solely rely on electricity to heat the boats - enough so they are all relatively warm. There will be much more hydro available to us here than there ever was on Mitchell Island.


rob said...

It sure is miserable without shore/town power and expensive with a genny! I use my genny only when I am at anchor, even then, now that diesel is not far off £4-50 a gallon its very expensive :o((

Tim Zim said...

I'm sorry to hear of your genset problems.

Mine had a cracked crankcase, so there was no chance of repair.



Jamie said...

Fingers crossed for your Christmas wish!!!