Monday, December 22, 2008

Shut down!

Sunrise this morning, looking toward Annicis Island, from our galley window.

We're officially having a winter here on the south coast AND a white Christmas. As is the thing when snow hits, it throws the whole place into a tizzy. This is the view from the kitchen window this morning. Check out our icebergs! We didn't get slammed again as it has warmed up to a balmy -3C this morning.

We ventured out into the neighbourhood yesterday. Tried to pick up some LED christmas lights at the Walmart but they were sold out. Reports on those trying to get around on transit were dismal. Some had to wait over 2 hours for a bus that never came. We saw one lone snowplow around Queensborough but I bet it was a private outfit.

So, Dillon and I made Butter Tarts (hey, I am Canadian after all) and shortbread cookies. We had much fun as this is the first time in many years since I've ever had any time to make Christmas cookies. Dillon rolled and decorated the cookies, which is the part I like the least.

Tobi supervised...

The water didn't freeze overnight either...

The news is urging people to just stay home if at all possible. We made it through the night without frozen pipes too and we figure we must have at least eight inches on the docks here.

Here are some more pics.

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rob said...

Fantastic slide show made even better by a great rendition of an old hymnal Thankyou for sharing it with me! Happy Christmas to you and yours! Rob