Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday's full of...ICE!

Yup, we left a tap running as is our habit all these winters of living on a boat. Still at -16C the darn thing still froze up on us. The whole works froze all the way up to the shut off valve up on the road. Greig brought in the hoses, stuffed them in a garbage can and brought the whole works inside. We took one of the little electric heaters and threw that in the can to thaw the hoses out. Greig went to check on the connection there and it burst apart on him. All in all it was a wee chore.

The connecting valve here on the float house was all frozen too. I took my hair dryer, layed it beside the valve and draped a bucket over the works for a few minutes to get that thawed out. All in all we had water again by 3:30pm. It is still freakin cold and has started to snow again. This cold front is to remain with us until after Christmas I expect.

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rob said...

Brrrr Tana Have a great holiday and a very happy new year