Saturday, December 20, 2008

Playing icebreaker in Wee Orange Skiffy.

We froze up again last night and so we set about to get that all thawed and moving again first thing. The whole line didn't completely freeze this time so it was a bit easier to get it all up and inline again. Once again, rather than putting on pants he just doubled-up on the bathrobes and helped me start the wee portable genset so I could get heaters on the hoses thawing in the garbage can.

I dutifully called my mother to report in on our status here for she is freaking out and worried sick. I've gotten used to this with her for she ascertains its her job. They've got -18C in the interior and were sitting at -12C.

Of course she's is doubly-freaked out and worried because the news is saying that the Fraser River is currently completely unmanageable and won't it slice through our lines and have us drifting out into the river. Well, were a bit frozen in place, Ma.

Anyhow, it really never get that cold in this part of the world that we have a bunch of icebreakers about or on standby.

I reiterated that newsy bit to Greig and he said, "HOOEY, I can get out there and break up that ice with the wee skiffy!"

I said, "No you can't!"

"Watch me! Get the camera!"

So here goes him. Too bad you can't see his the big fat smug look on his oh-so-self-satisfied face. Crazy Viking!

All he needed was a ice-skier to pull behind him and don't think he wouldn't do it either.


rob said...

Tee Heee my sort of Guy! mind you I notice the "big sissy" has taken off the bath robe and put something warmer on? :o)) only Joking Greg! I`m just stupid enough to have done that with only the bath robe (if I could have got the outboard working ? which I doubt):o)))

Rodeo Princess said...

I will stop complaining about the ice on the trough now, as I don't even need a wee orange skiff (although that looks like fun) to break it!

Just wanted to stop by and say Merry Christmas, and I hope the New Year brings you unfrozen lines, enough bathrobes to stay warm, and smoooooooth sailing!

bowiechick said...

Thanks Shirley!