Friday, January 30, 2009

Gone in a Flash

When our friend and roommate Dave Franey passed away back in August of 2007, our friend Karen wrote him a song. She sang it for his family during the service that we did on the Eloquent but the quality of that video that I shot was too poor to post.

She recorded this again back in April of 2008, and I kind of forgot about it as we got so busy moving boats and relocating to the new marina. I found it again when cleaning up photos and files on my computer and Karen has put it up on her Youtube spot. Really I can't watch it without bawling and it is far and away the most beautiful rendition of it she's done yet.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Foggy bottom days

*Update (01/26/09)- This photo is making the rounds on e-mail and Crackbook of our now lifted fog bank over the City of Vancouver, taken from Cypress Mountain at dawn. I have no idea who the photographer is so I have no idea how to credit him/or her. Too bad they didn't watermark the image.

Well, we got the big chill and now we're suffering through the big fog. Really for a port city it is rather surprising that we don't regularly have this kind of fog that we do. That said, it is a bit unusual for Vancouver proper. (Have at look at the Kat Kam link on the boat links to view the current conditions.)

The other night, I went out one evening on a run on the water taxi and English Bay was glass and the city was glorious but we came around Point Atkinson, en route to Bowen Island and hit a big fog bank. Greig is trained in navigating through fog but I found it completely unnerving and would find the stress of doing so on a daily basis for days on end a bit beyond the pale for me. That he is one of the only captains managing to maintain the schedule with only a five minute deviation is a testament. The conditions are horrible out there. He says there is lots of noise on the Vancouver Traffic channel and they are really earning their wages out there these days.

He went in to fill in on one shift the other day and had a family on board. The were a bit unnerved too with the visibility at zero. So, to ease their anxiety they started singing campfire like songs. Apparently the tune went a bit like...

No death today,No death today,
NO death today,No death today!!

As always I am forever facinated by the tools with which some people manage to cope with stressfull situations. I think humour is always the best way too.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I feel the same way too!

The Ubyssey is the student newspaper for the University of British Columbia. A colleague sent me a link to this very clever letter and I found the link to it on their website.

The Breakup Letter (Dear Snow)

Oh I feel the same way too!

Monday, January 05, 2009


They came...

...and they made a hell of a mess.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Final Seasons's Bleatings (or the Big Chill of '08)

The Silly Season seems to be finally winding its way down. 2009 is going to be much better than '08. Oh and I've a few pics from the last few weeks. We've had the our other daughter's Payton's family with us for the last couple of months as they lost traction for a while and have been helping us maintain ours. We are managing to maintain all our mutual sanity together too.

1. shoveled snow
2. thawed pipes,
3. kept a genny running,
4. kept bellies full
5. kept boathouses (yes plural) from ripping asunder or sinking all together
6. righted collapsed tarps
7. on-going finishing of the roof on the floatie
8. Mmm....shortbread! Butter tarts!

Many thanks for having us over for Christmas Eve Kat and Co. Oh and New Years too.

And the best thing in this mess of photos is...

Three guess as to what he's helping bring...oh yes a belated Christmas wish for ME! Well, not JUST me but for all of us. YEA!