Saturday, January 03, 2009

Final Seasons's Bleatings (or the Big Chill of '08)

The Silly Season seems to be finally winding its way down. 2009 is going to be much better than '08. Oh and I've a few pics from the last few weeks. We've had the our other daughter's Payton's family with us for the last couple of months as they lost traction for a while and have been helping us maintain ours. We are managing to maintain all our mutual sanity together too.

1. shoveled snow
2. thawed pipes,
3. kept a genny running,
4. kept bellies full
5. kept boathouses (yes plural) from ripping asunder or sinking all together
6. righted collapsed tarps
7. on-going finishing of the roof on the floatie
8. Mmm....shortbread! Butter tarts!

Many thanks for having us over for Christmas Eve Kat and Co. Oh and New Years too.

And the best thing in this mess of photos is...

Three guess as to what he's helping bring...oh yes a belated Christmas wish for ME! Well, not JUST me but for all of us. YEA!


rob said...

Looks awfully, like a utilities trench to me?:o)) Congratulations, no more Christmas`s without power eh? Promise. :o)) Will you run power, phone, water and cable, down the same trench too? or are you OK for that? at least an empty duct with a pull rope, in case any after thoughts arise?

bowiechick said...

I already have digital phone/internet via the local cable company as the Big Behemoth phone (Telus) company couldn't give me anything better than basic dial up though by in large the neighbourhood is quite residential. All that works when the genny is running.

rob said...

Does the cable follow a path? if so can it be used for path lighting ? there must be something that, when its done, somebody will say "if only we hadn`t filled the trench :o)) maybe one of those occasions when that doesn`t happen? anyway so glad you are getting "town Power" :o))

Jamie said...

WAHOO! That's awesome, T. And hear, hear to 2009 being better than 2008! Wishing you only the very best ~ you deserve nothing less than that!

bowiechick said...

Thanks Jamie!

The tv/internet cable is running from the street to a piling on the dock.

Once the power gets back into the main building I guess that it will be run back out the back and back down to the dock. The semi-submerged lean-to like structure on that frozen dock photo has a bunch of hydro meters behind it. I assume we'll just hook back up into that.

It's a blue chore.