Friday, January 30, 2009

Gone in a Flash

When our friend and roommate Dave Franey passed away back in August of 2007, our friend Karen wrote him a song. She sang it for his family during the service that we did on the Eloquent but the quality of that video that I shot was too poor to post.

She recorded this again back in April of 2008, and I kind of forgot about it as we got so busy moving boats and relocating to the new marina. I found it again when cleaning up photos and files on my computer and Karen has put it up on her Youtube spot. Really I can't watch it without bawling and it is far and away the most beautiful rendition of it she's done yet.


rob said...

Wow! :o(( so sad, such a young life, what a waste!

Didn`t go too well with "Joy to the world" but I got the Jist.

Ocean Escape said...

Nice song.

bowiechick said...

Yes, she did a lovely job!