Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Greg Burger is no longer on the menu

The LT Cafe (L referring Lucy, Tim's wife) was this greasy spoon upstairs at Northern Building Supply. When we lived over on Mitchell, we purchased many supplies from this family owned business as it was sometimes cheaper than the Home Depot. It is quite the compound with its hodge podge of buildings and lean-tos and a bit of a maze to get around in. We preferred to shop there as the Thomas family is a South East Vancouver institution. It was pretty much the cafeteria for the employees and often as not Bert Thomas Senior 90+, was at the table with Junior. Though doubled over with osteoperosis, the Senior Thomas made daily rounds and still drove and we'd often see them all lunching there.

So Greig went to visit today and found this...

Greig often visited Tim at the LT Cafe and they made great sport of each other, chatting about the politics of the day, Greig the
Democrat to Tim the Republican. A bit of a silly business since they're both Canadian...well, maybe Tim's not come to think of it. I guess their "problem solving" got a bit heated at times. Probably about the time in the convo that Greig threw in his various conspiracy theories too which would push Tim over the edge.

Tim had a burger on the menu called the
Greg Burger and it was HUGE! Funny though as Greig found it often too much, even for him. Yes, he did name it after him though the spelling was a bit off.

So it was with sadness that Greig discovered it closed today. Tim had one of Greig's acting headshots on the wall and though you can't tell in this photo, it is beside the photo of Don S. Davis, a character actor whose name isn't so recognizable as is his face.

Here's to Tim and Lucy and the LT Cafe and the Greg burger forever resting in grease...er peace.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So proud [sniff]

A lovely milestone has just occurred for my blog friends restoring the Wendy Ann II over in the UK and mutual blog friend Tim, owner of the Lady Jane, has posted pictures of Seb and Becky tug taking the big plunge. I've been following them along for several years now on their journey at restoring a nearly scrapable tug. I am so happy for Seb and Becky making such a milestone. Bravo!

Here is the link to Tim's Wendy Ann II Flikr gallery. Oh Happy Day!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Sea Ferring Demolition & rebuilding

With Mama and Papa Laliberte on the Sea Ferring, and Papa being an unemployed carpenter, we set about ripping apart the Sea Ferring just after Christmas. Heck of a time to do so but the Laliberte's were total keeners and well, what else were we going to do anyway but keep on renovating?

It was something I've wanted to tackle for sometime but the round tuit's never materialized. It perpetually smelled terribly musty and moldy in there and, notwithstanding the constant leaks too that it all became TIME to do it.

There were two walkways down the side that were the prime collectors of water. I wanted those eliminated as the windows always got covered up and we had a huge 5'x5' skylite in the centre. I figured we could always add more skylites if we wanted to in the future anyway. The interior had lovely panelling work that had been a light oak colour and got re-stained in a darker reddish mahogany. I saved as much of the oak mouldings and trim to put back on it when the walls go back up and we're flush enough again to do so too.

We've now replaced the roof and we're finally sealing it up again. New walls are going up and we're adding more electrical outlets and potlites for the ceiling. So, here are some of the before pictures.

And some more progress shots here. I took these a couple of weeks ago when we were all socked in with the fog. There are some neat shots here.

Its the Fluff & Fold

Well one small miracle is with hydro we've now got....laundry facilities!

Woot! Woot!

Now as much I love Moon Sic and his much beloved technique of Underwear Origami, I confess I am glad to be back doing my own laundry...willy nilly...whenever I feel like doing a load.

There is still some re-organizing in there to do but the water is on and the machines are good to go and functioning.

Baby steps. Yea us!