Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Greg Burger is no longer on the menu

The LT Cafe (L referring Lucy, Tim's wife) was this greasy spoon upstairs at Northern Building Supply. When we lived over on Mitchell, we purchased many supplies from this family owned business as it was sometimes cheaper than the Home Depot. It is quite the compound with its hodge podge of buildings and lean-tos and a bit of a maze to get around in. We preferred to shop there as the Thomas family is a South East Vancouver institution. It was pretty much the cafeteria for the employees and often as not Bert Thomas Senior 90+, was at the table with Junior. Though doubled over with osteoperosis, the Senior Thomas made daily rounds and still drove and we'd often see them all lunching there.

So Greig went to visit today and found this...

Greig often visited Tim at the LT Cafe and they made great sport of each other, chatting about the politics of the day, Greig the
Democrat to Tim the Republican. A bit of a silly business since they're both Canadian...well, maybe Tim's not come to think of it. I guess their "problem solving" got a bit heated at times. Probably about the time in the convo that Greig threw in his various conspiracy theories too which would push Tim over the edge.

Tim had a burger on the menu called the
Greg Burger and it was HUGE! Funny though as Greig found it often too much, even for him. Yes, he did name it after him though the spelling was a bit off.

So it was with sadness that Greig discovered it closed today. Tim had one of Greig's acting headshots on the wall and though you can't tell in this photo, it is beside the photo of Don S. Davis, a character actor whose name isn't so recognizable as is his face.

Here's to Tim and Lucy and the LT Cafe and the Greg burger forever resting in grease...er peace.


rob said...

What a shame! Ive always wanted to owns something like that! I guess they have lost their lease ? My old A1 Cafe closed because of future development! I have eaten in many greasy spoons all my life and at 65-66 Im still Over weight and unfit (What changes) :o))

bowiechick said...

Not sure for it had only closed the day before. I am sure there aren't as many people going to the building supply these days which he's most dependent on for the foot traffic.

Cyberangel said...

Aww too bad they closed.They had great food, much better than the greasy spoon down the road here.