Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And now there are three

At our peak we had six vessels and now we are down to three. We sold the Sea Ferring on the weekend and I have somewhat mixed feelings.

Recently we'd done such a good amount of work inside that I wanted to see it finished. However, our wants and needs have changed and we've been trying to pare down for sometime. At 72' it is a heavy beast and the responsibility for all these vessels has always weighed heavy on me. One or two are fine but I have other interests and find so much of this lifestyle puts the boat, or in our case boats and ships, in the forefront. Wee me was lower on the priority list. I felt a tremendous sense of relief when we sold the Bowie last fall and it was a step in the right direction. I had hoped it would have been a bit easier at the new locale and in many ways it beats the old one in spades. However, the winter and the whole shore power stupidity really took a toll on us. I was beginning to have my doubts that old habits and expectations would rear its ugly head at me again.

Really, if I wanted to be a social worker I'd have gone to school for it. So why choose it as a lifestyle choice? I suppose I wanted to be the supportive girlfriend and things snowballed so much. Boy though, is it ever hard to extricate oneself from such a role try as one might.

It isn't going far, just up the river a bit. The reality is the bigger they are the harder they are to sell...or give away even, especially given the current economy. It is $400 a month moorage that we don't have to spend or improve upon and moreover, to be responsible for. That someone bought it AND they are taking it away?

Ding, ding, ding!


rob said...

Congratulations Tana! I guess it will be with mixed emotions that you`ll watch it go, but hey! onwards and upwards $400 per month is a lot of bucks to spend out if you don`t really have to, only two more to go now :o)) mind you I used to be a sucker for a "project" too like Greig! some people will bring home injured birds or animals, maybe wrecked cars but Greig and me well Boats is our thing, mind you it was a good thing that I stopped doing that a good few years ago, or Id be in the poor house by now. :o))

bowiechick said...

Well there are plenty of projects that can be done to ONE boat not six and there is hardly time for that as it is. Yes Greig does indeed have a thing for boats and strays (as in stray people).

rob said...

How right you are Im down to one boat and never seem to get to the end! :o)) I thought that much of greig, he is a nice man I`m sure, but charity begins at home! I am always being told, hard to grasp but necessary :o))

Jamie said...

Simplify, simplify! Yes, congratulations from me too, T! You are doing well to free up space for other things in your life as well. It sounds like a Win all the way around to me! We have a spot of sun here this afternoon; hope you're getting some of the same. It's been a long winter, no?

bowiechick said...

Yes finally nice to have some sun after this arduous winter that won't go away.I was filling up on some vitamin D and a book and trying to muster up some motivation and not getting anywhere...pffft!