Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A door ajar

Lately there has been a wee mystery. I keep going into the bathroom and finding the shower door ajar. It's odd for you can close it an it latches with a friction fit just fine. I like to keep it closed because if a boat does go by, I fear it swinging back and smashing up against the side of the toilet.I thought with all the kids here they were just forgetting to close it but I can't blame them. It isn't so much of a worry now but potentially will be when warmer weather brings more boat action in the neighbourhood. I fear it smashed and glassy bits all over the floor.


Tobias, aka "kitty PLUS," whom I adopted from my friend Sparrow when she went AWOL to Hungary, is the culprit. Seemingly a bruiser weighing in at 15lbs, he's a lousy mouser with a wonderful disposition. The vet only thinks he's a pound or two overweight but otherwise not really "fat." He's a pretty chill cat that has a tiny squeeky voice and he likes to body slam you and get his butt slapped hard. I mean really hard. Who know big Toms loved that?

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Jamie said...

Now *that* is hilarious! I so wish I could have a cat, but allergies to dander make it a silly idea. Clever Toby!