Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Minor disasters 101

I was about two blocks away from the marina when I got the call that Glen's boat (name unknown) that it was leaning over against the bow of the Express. He tells me it was one of the first diesel passenger vessels on the coast.

It has been here for some time. At 90' is 20' less than the Express. Ken has wanted it gone from here for some time for it sits betwixt his lease and the neighbours.

We had an exceptionally low tide yesterday which are expected all week. Thus, Espresso, as the girls call it, listed and fell over. You can see in this first pic the aluminum roof laying on the deck of the Express.

With a huge groan a racket it tipped over further and the Glenn's wheelhouse fell off completely.

Oh I felt just terrible for him! For in spite of its appearance he says it actually was running. It's a big straight eight Gardner. Additionally, I noticed he's got a Lister genset too and a whole bunch of mahogany, oak and cedar that I wanted to help him salvage last night. If only to throw up on the bow of the Express if just to keep it all from floating away on him. But he was so surprised that it actually tipped over that he was in quite a bit of shock.

Plus the rain started to pour on hard as the early evening wore on and as the tide came in to cover it. Greig got coverage for his water taxi shift and they went out to pick up a trash pump for it.

So by this afternoon he had it well in hand and pumped out and a big bunch of clean up to do. Funny that as when we moved the Express in we wanted to have our bow on the inside of him but he wasn't terribly keen to cooperate. Think he may have changed his mind now.

He's got a bit of a disaster on his hands to be sure. That said, I am moreover pleased for Glen that he's been able to pump this out himself for there was no way in hell I was going to let the bottom feeder that "happened" to sneek into the property yesterday, take advantage of Glen's misfortune. He's caused enough misery for enough people and so I took great satisfaction at throwing his backside off the property. The New Westminster Police constable on scene and I had a good chuckle over it too. (Rob, I was really wishing I had a few dumpster loads of carnivore manure to drive my point home to this person!)

Well it always seems to be this. Just when you think you'll have a moment of peace to do this thing or that, some minor disaster lurks just around the corner to throw a spanner into your plans.

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rob said...

Wow ! I feel very sorry for him. My first steel boat sank after the welder failed to complete his task properly and the surveyor gave his permission to the yard to launch it :o(( I rebuilt the engines and cleaned her up but thats not the point. as you say just when you think that you are in for an easy ride for a while, "Poooooft" something happenes to stop it. The Gardiner is my favourite engine ever by the way :o))