Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Please excuse me while I pick my backside up off the floor...

Crazy Jack emailed me that he just got married...and they are pregnant. Which normally would be not that shocking but Jack is some 74 years of age and has several grown children already who are in their late 20's and early 30's too.

His email to me:
we got married on valentine's day
got pot
got rum
got vodka
got borshcz
got coffee and tea
got pregnant
now, bloody honeymoon is over and got to get to work, buy a land, house,
red truck
do you guys feel like coffee or something on st patrick's?

elena still has a condo on 821 cambie, # 708, corner of robson till april

but we are packing for a gig out of town, marina or fishing lodge or a ship
and i am giving my notice at the end of the month.
mike, the movie maker is now a vancouver cop.
mark has signed a tour with NO HORSES across caNADA AND us.
PLS advise when safe to visit, snow and power outlook still looks bleak in new west.

jack & Elena
Now Jack came to live with us on the Bowie and to say he was a character was an UNDERSTATEMENT. I actually found him rather disgusting at first but he grew on me. He was a pain in the ass but still Greig and I grew fond of the silly bugger. He's a civil engineer, major bullshit artist, polish, chain-smokin' coffee drinking...a plethora of health problems. He once had called for an ambulance and when the lads came to take care of him, asked them for a cup of coffee. Of course, that request quickly prompted the crew to leave.

Jack is the kind of crazy that just starts talking to you about stuff out of the blue and often completely out of context so you always found yourself shaking your head trying to understand what the heck exactly he was on about. Usually it took a moment or two to catch up to speed. He did this intentionally to see what kind of a rise he could get out of you. I think it was to give the impression he was crazy but he was really anything but. I am convinced that for him it was sport to get his digs into some of the guys around there. Much of it on the lesser intelligent ones, hell even the more intelligent one would get so apoplectic! He'd have me howling with laughter sometimes. Did I say he kinda looked like death most of the time? Like some kind of Transylvania grim reaper with a Cheshire cat grin. I actually have a photo of him somewhere lounging on the hood or roof of a hearse. I'll have to dig that out. FOUND IT!

Now the funny thing in all of that when my Mother met him, she LOVED him. He had this deep, smoky eastern European accent and if I ever saw my mother swoon at the sound of a man's voice I am sure she did that the first time she met him. She's so easily swayed...

Jack could stir the pot easily with the other tenants as he was rather set in his ways. He and Evil Mark would have screaming matches over the state of the galley and well, pick anything. Mark once threw a stapler at his head and smeared butter over the doorknob to the his bedroom. Really, it was rather infantile but such was the nature of communal living. Though from what we've experienced, nobody really does that particularly well.

Well then, I suppose it is time for a cocktail party for the happy couple. Wonder if I could get anyone to come...


rob said...

Sounds like my kinda guy :o))Ha!

leftcoastlonging said...

Ha-ha! Jack's still got the kavorka. It's kinda gross, actually.