Monday, March 30, 2009

Some technology I can do without

For those of you who chose to Twitter take no offense but I am just not going to Twitter.


Notwithstanding this hilarious video I have jacked from Leap's blog and it is reason enough for me to not be a Twit.

I am doing even less of all that on Crackbook these days. Really I am easy to find and if people really wanna know they can call, e-mail or comment here.

Go ahead. Say something nice. And who the heck are you and why are you here?


snowbiker said...

Hey Tana,

Thanks for sharing your stories with us; for years I've been daydreaming about converting and living on a derilict boat. I've been living vicariously
through stories from Watergeus and fairly recently found Wendy Ann 2, and then the Lady Jane and the Bowie and a few others.

I caught up on your whole blog in a couple late nights two weeks ago... it was like eating Oreos, I just couldn't stop. Thanks for letting us random strangers in on the inside story. I cheered when I read the post about the Bowie selling -- what a relief. And you don't have to fend off [and heat with] giant treacherous logs anymore, yay! The hecticness seems to have slowed, and the selfish people seem to have been cut out. And now only three holes in the water in which to pour money. Congrats'!

I'm still on land because I love my current bike commute and I can't figure out where to live on a boat that would let me keep bike commuting in Boston. Hopefully someday.

Thanks again!

rob said...

Wow! how do I sign up I could co with a six month diet swap :0))

bowiechick said...

Aww! Thanks Erik! I put it out there in the universe and other than looking occasionally at my stat counter really don't know where it "lands." Stay safe on that bike commute!