Thursday, March 05, 2009

Spanky new salon walls

Well it has begun to look like a salon again! Here are some mid-progress pictures of the salon on the Sea Ferring. The exterior walkways that used to go down either side have been eliminated and made for more room. There were side windows that we couldn't salvage, but anyone who ever lived in there covered them up anyway so apparently these were redundant.

Also too, there was lovely cabinetry and storage is gone for the time being. We can build more for there at some point but for now this will do. The sky light has been elevated and in the photo directly below and to the right of that speaker was the nasty spot that was constantly leaking and wet. We've made allowances to put in another couple of sky lights if need be but I would like to put some recessed lighting in the ceiling in the next few months.

Ah it smells so much better in there now. Above the garbage can in the ceiling there is a small hole that leads to the upstairs area of the entrance, galley and bathroom. We are going to make that hole just a bit bigger and put in a fan to move the air about. I think a simple bathroom fan will suffice.

Here is a merged photo of the salon looking forward. Yes, I know it is a bad photo-stitching job but you get the idea which is moreover, the point. Behind the plastic in the doorway is a substantial sized v-berth and we are going to put two bunks in there with below bed storage, plus another ladder for a secondary escape hatch from below decks. That woodstove gets it cooking in there in nothing flat. Behind it Denis Sr. has utilized the exisiting bricks to make a wood storage spot. Over on the right there were also bricks for more storage. These are being removed and in that spot we'll build a small built in armoire of sorts.

I've seen a bunch of the UK bloggers using what they call "rockwool" insulation. Denis Sr. and I discovered some at the Home Depot and while spray insulation would have been nice it was way too expensive. I had thought of a rigid foam - also way to expensive and it just didn't have the R-value that we thought was necessary. It is called mineral insulation here - I can't think of the brand name off hand now. We didn't want traditional fibreglass insulation either for it just becomes infested with mold. The package claims to say the material won't grow mold so and if you pour water on it it rolls right off the surface. So we gave it a whirl. It is nicer to use as the fibreglass is so nasty to work with. We're holding off on insulating the ceiling for a bit too whilst we save up to finish this all off.


cyberangel said...

Wow, looking good and sooo different. I wouldnt have recognized the boat. The built-in shelves were very nice that were in there but the way the over-hang was on the other side, it made it hard to place furniture comfortably. It will be awesome to see it when its done. Good luck. Im finally getting some work done on my boat again. Hopefully , I get around to finishing what I started.

bowiechick said...

Thanks Rhianna. Well it makes for more room in there for sure as for as much as those cabinets/shelves were nice, the damage the walkways caused outweigh the convenience. Ah some creative furniture solutions for storage is the agenda. You'll get there!

rob said...

Wow ! I just love the stove, if that doesn`t keep it "toasty and warm" nothing will! Is this your new home Tana?

bowiechick said...

No, but I suppose if I managed to sell the floathouse for what I'd like for it I would move onto it. It is one of the "other" boats in our fleet Rob.

rob said...

Ah Ha! I understand now :o)) best of luck with all your projects. May you indeed sell your floathouse for what you want for it if indeed you wish to sell it!Take care!

rob said...

Is that Greigs dressing gown hanging on the hook? :o))