Monday, April 27, 2009

Floating around in the gyre

A couple of years ago, I adopted my cat Tobias from my friend Sparrow who, forty-something and single with a grown child, decided to go walkabout. Her family is Hungarian (though she was born in Canada) and thus, that was her first destination. She has since made her way back to North America by way of Italy, the Caribbean, and now hangs her hat at the Pidgeon Point Lighthouse Hostel where she currently works. Yes she's indeed a bit of a gypsy. She's been making it in the news lately for her discovery of a rig worker's hard hat that wound up on the beach near the lighthouse. She managed to track the owner of the hard hat down too and is getting some 15 minutes of fame from it. The Anchorage Daily News published this, and CBS Morning news has been calling her too.

I had never heard of the Pacific Subarctic Gyre, and this is a pretty neat map to what that looks like too.

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