Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Muddy Waters, redux

The freshet is running again and Brian Lewis in today's Vancouver Province Newspaper had another article about dredging of the lower Fraser River. Of course they always talk about the main channel from the Surrey/Delta docks and it is all the other channels they neglect. There other stakeholders along the mighty expanse of the Fraser and they too are at risk. It is Buck Passing 101.
"He also says the lack of secondary channel-dredging is reaching the point where it's about to impact tourism -- especially Delta's emerging plans to redevelop Ladner Harbour as a major tourist destination. "

"They want to make it attractive, with shops, parks and picnic sites. But the fact is that a Fraser River mud bank is not something that's attractive for tourists to look at."
Ladner, New Westminster, Richmond are only a few of the communities affected by it all though they are the most downstream of it all. Oops and Vancouver too...

Why oh why does it take having to swing the tourism bat for anyone to take it seriously? Stakeholders all along the river have been jumping up and down for years about this. It seems easier for the Port Authority to go picking on individual lease holders to make this right without having to do their part in any of it. It is my observation that it loves to sling the mud it refuses to take responsibility for.

Anyhow we will see how this run off will effect us for we're new in this spot. I tell you though I certainly don't have to contend with the logs that we used to at Mitchell and I don't miss that one bit.

Maybe they'll surprise me.


rob said...

How are you getting on with the port hole refurbishment?

bowiechick said...

Meh...no where these days. But I have them soaking in a fresh solution as I mucked up the last batch.

rob said...

Ah! I guess you are too busy eh? take care:o))