Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Poor old Dos Amores

Another guster hit the coast yesterday with winds up to 70 km/h. Here is a photo of the Dos Amores on Sunset Beach just at the entrance into Granville Island. That is the Coast Guard hive behind in the back ground. I think this is a beautiful shot. I thought they had taken all its sails off last fall. Ah well, they were thrashed anyway. I snagged this out of the Vancover Province newspaper as I discovered it on page A4 this morning. (Photograph by Gerry Kahrmann of the Province.)

The Dos Amore ran around at the entrance to False Creek. Apparently Coast Guard had it under tow at some point but lost their grip and it wound up on the beach. It went a ground in the fall too. Alas we don't own it anymore but when something does happen they call Greig.

Its new owner, one of the many "Ken's" in our life, was planning on taking down to Point Roberts, WA, to do renovations. Of course he keeps turning to Greig for help on such matters. It had a heck of an accumulation of marine growth and the $800 tag for a haul out seemed too expensive to undertake a few weeks ago. Greig suggested Ken send a diver down with a shovel. Well, Ken took a shovel to the growth whist it was on the beach yesterday and managed to get most of it cleaned off. Cross that item off the list! Greig is a bit sad to have lost that anchoring buoy out in the bay for it was a handy thing to have there especially during the Celebration of Light.

I think though, it will be coming up to Sather. When the Sea Ferring goes in the next few days there should be room for it as there now.

Ken got it foated on the next tide and Greig took off late last night to help him secure it temporarily in the Creek, (aka False Creek.) It was way too windy to even think about bringing it up the river last night. Greig had been working but they cancelled all water taxi runs due to the weather. He started his evening off to go take one of the boats for a fuel run and the swells out coming out of the Creek were so big that the wind was lifting up on the bow as he was cresting over the wave. He turned it around and came home, sans fuel. I guess even some of the tankers out in the

Well that is two for two for the last 24. Any bets on what three will be?


rob said...

Always a shame when a boat drags ist anchor and runs aground Tana! But Greig is one hell of a guy, to help all the people he does, he seems to just drop everything to help others? a real good sumaritan (If my "non existant" religious studies are correct) more power to his elbow ! pity there aren`t a few more people around like him in todays world. :o))

Jamie said...

OMG, woman, I cannot be negligent for even a week at checking your blog without missing major adventures! It must have a bit to do with being in rivers - everything changes so quickly there, esp with our Northwest tidal changes. Lake Union is rather staid in comparison (not that I'm complaining ~ too many adventures can make one weary!). Three cheers again for Greig and for you capturing it all to share with us!

bowiechick said...

Perhaps it is the rivers, but I think it is just Greig. Actors...I tell ya...always some drama.

Ok, that and the fact we have too many darn boats doesn't help matters.