Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring and summer do list

(I have been trying to write this post for about a week now. I thought I would try using newest version of MS Word and try directly publishing from it into Blogger but it didn't work and made a hell of a mess in the back end code. Furthermore it wouldn't publish. Not very impressed Mr. Bill.)

I am a gardener's daughter. Spring comes and I get the itch to dig. Not as bad as my dad does but I do know I come by this urge naturally. Some of the contained plants have survived and some not. The nettle is growing amok in the pots and it has no intentions of waiting for me.

I had great ambitions of growing some hanging tomatoes (not cherry ones, something a bit bigger) and the topsy-turvey bags look a bit stupid to me. Plus there had been a re-call on the things. A cheap and cheerful old pail will work just as well and is certainly more substantial. My ambition got ahead of me and I curtailed myself a bit when I thought of WHERE I would hang then and realized I'd have to ask my landlord about that too. And while he didn't say, "No" to my green intentions, his suggestion for an alternate location had potentially too much work when I've already enough.

And I wondered why it is that I set myself up? I have all these THINGS I want to do and then I complain about not having enough time for other stuff and the plain and simple truth is I just take on too much. It is actually more of a priority to fix the things on my float house this year than it is to ensure I have a nice yield of tomatoes. Besides, there is always next year.

In the meantime, the needs of the float house scream at me a I've got a rather ambitious list to tackle.

Here is the slide show instead.


rob said...

It really looks like a great home to me :o))!Sure it could do ith a little tidying up, but what home couldnt? I could sure do with the felt for my garage roof ( might even be enough there too) :o))

bowiechick said...

Oh it is totally cozy and cute. My galley is far better appointed/laid out than many "houses" I've lived in. It just needs a bit more attention as it had been a bit neglected before we got it. It is finding the time, which is a never ending problem.

will said...

it's been a while, to tell the truth. but this single slide show reminds me vividly of living on a boat. spring cleanups can be so daunting they just don't get done til falll. still, i recall the fun too