Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fresh cruising season

A week or so ago had us getting back into the charter season groove on Eloquent. It was a glorious, but windy day and a wee bit bouncy on the chuck. I think the first cruise was a burial at sea or some such thing. The last burial we did a few weeks previously had the family members all screaming at each other. Thankfully only English Bay that was dramatic that day.


Alas it was so windy my voice on the recording is totally lost. Bah, I probably wasn't really saying anything of significance anyway. But I think you can see from the rise and fall of the railing an idea of the swell height. Nobody barfed. Three stars!

And as we were leaving the dock on the first cruise we saw a few notable things. The first boat is the Lazy Gal and every time Greig sees it he practically drools. He HEARTS that boat large. I do believe it is a Chris-Craft. And soon after a Monk cruised by. It was really the first nice day we've had here in the city after such a long wet spring and it was a bit busy.

We came out of our docks at False Creek and went round Stanley Park (click here to see a Map of Stanley Park) into Coal Harbour. HRH Prince Edward just was in town doing a dedication. (I'd post the link but it doesn't seem to be working yet.)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Just taking his snake for a wee bit of exercise

On Monday, when everyone else was sick from the heat, we had a gem of an opportunity to do some family fun. Bui had a professional day and was off from school as did Dosha. This rarely happens that we are all off together. Neither Greig, Bui or I had been to Buntzen Lake and so I decided we had to go for the afternoon to see what it was like. I knew that it would have been stupid busy on the previous day for many folk from Coquitlam, Burnaby and Port Moody go up there and it is crazy on weekend.

Bui and Dosha were playing catch just at the water's edge and suddenly screamed when she got started by this fellow taking his snake for a bit of exercise. Funny though as she says she likes the critters but she caught the attention of everyone on the beach when she yelped.

"Gee," laughed Greig, "I actually never thought I'd see the day to witness my daughter walk on water!"

At first I didn't notice that there was only the one snake but there was another up by his neck.

What we found particularly funny is that off to the right of this photo is a partitioned part for people and there dogs. An otherwise lovely thing for not the constant barking of one dog all afternoon. I was amazed at how many on the beach were offended by this fellow out with his snakes. They were quite under control and came to him when he called to them. Best of all they didn't bark either. Funny that.

Off with the tarp!

Denis Jr, and his gal pal Rowan prepping the wood for Denis Sr.

We've been waiting for a good bout of weather to rip off the tarp and go hard on the roof. Seems like I took my first batch of vacation at a good time too for the weather is screaming hot (breaking records of 41C in the Fraser Valley. Alas the first day off roofing was about 33C and we were so unused to it that the next day had everyone hurting from heat/sunstroke. Well almost everyone as it seems I managed to escape it. Fortunately, the proceeding day gave Denis Sr a breeze so it made all that all so much more tolerable.

Here Denis Jr. and his mum Stacey work on finishing off the sheeting. It has been
partially done since April of last year as Greig started this a week or
two before we did the haul out.

Plastic sheeting covering the bed and Denis Sr. raised the skylite so it can
be removed when we feel like doing so.

I've lived under tarps of various storts for some six years. Once lived for a bit without one but that didn't last very long. I've had a tarp on the floatie for pretty much as soon as we got it for it leaked so bad. I don't know what it is like to not have one on it. Turns out, it is pretty bright.

Greig looking at the beautiful roof and thankful he's not
doing it.Those redhead's can't take the heat very well.

Here Miss Rowan and Stacey take a break on the back of the Express to
do Stacey's hair. A wee bit of roofin' and some hair-doo-in' in between...

It is almost done. Denis Sr. is putting down the last bit of middle as I write and I'll post the finals when it is all done. It looks beautiful and we've added a hatch to get up onto the roof so we won't have to get onto it from the back. I think that I will put down a floating deck so we can put a few chairs up there for it is a primo tanning spot. We have to suss out a proper drip edge for around the front as we've got a slight curve to it all. To have it done for that width would cost more than all the roll on put together. I think we can come up with an alternative that is far cheaper.