Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fresh cruising season

A week or so ago had us getting back into the charter season groove on Eloquent. It was a glorious, but windy day and a wee bit bouncy on the chuck. I think the first cruise was a burial at sea or some such thing. The last burial we did a few weeks previously had the family members all screaming at each other. Thankfully only English Bay that was dramatic that day.


Alas it was so windy my voice on the recording is totally lost. Bah, I probably wasn't really saying anything of significance anyway. But I think you can see from the rise and fall of the railing an idea of the swell height. Nobody barfed. Three stars!

And as we were leaving the dock on the first cruise we saw a few notable things. The first boat is the Lazy Gal and every time Greig sees it he practically drools. He HEARTS that boat large. I do believe it is a Chris-Craft. And soon after a Monk cruised by. It was really the first nice day we've had here in the city after such a long wet spring and it was a bit busy.

We came out of our docks at False Creek and went round Stanley Park (click here to see a Map of Stanley Park) into Coal Harbour. HRH Prince Edward just was in town doing a dedication. (I'd post the link but it doesn't seem to be working yet.)

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rob said...

Hi Tana great post by the way! Prince Edward opened our theme park before he got married! what a nice guy he is I remember him asking the Merchandising manage if the rest of her staff would like to meet him (as there was no arrangement for him to do so) she said that she was sure they would love to and so he spent quite a time with thm just socialising! Nice guy! has my vote.