Thursday, June 04, 2009

Just taking his snake for a wee bit of exercise

On Monday, when everyone else was sick from the heat, we had a gem of an opportunity to do some family fun. Bui had a professional day and was off from school as did Dosha. This rarely happens that we are all off together. Neither Greig, Bui or I had been to Buntzen Lake and so I decided we had to go for the afternoon to see what it was like. I knew that it would have been stupid busy on the previous day for many folk from Coquitlam, Burnaby and Port Moody go up there and it is crazy on weekend.

Bui and Dosha were playing catch just at the water's edge and suddenly screamed when she got started by this fellow taking his snake for a bit of exercise. Funny though as she says she likes the critters but she caught the attention of everyone on the beach when she yelped.

"Gee," laughed Greig, "I actually never thought I'd see the day to witness my daughter walk on water!"

At first I didn't notice that there was only the one snake but there was another up by his neck.

What we found particularly funny is that off to the right of this photo is a partitioned part for people and there dogs. An otherwise lovely thing for not the constant barking of one dog all afternoon. I was amazed at how many on the beach were offended by this fellow out with his snakes. They were quite under control and came to him when he called to them. Best of all they didn't bark either. Funny that.


leap said...

too funny!

the best part is i bet half the people complaining about the under-control snakes have little yappy dogs that crap on the neighbours' lawns and bark at kids. humph.

Jamie said...

It *is* a bit unusual. They came when he called?? That's pretty cool.