Sunday, July 19, 2009

Green bits here and there

My hanging baskets are putting on a decent show at least.

I've never had basil do so well as this year. I have to get at making more pesto to freeze for I don't want it to go to waste at all. It is proof positive that basil loves the heat and we've had glorious weather so far this year. I guess we're making up for a dreadful winter. The trellis for the beans was scrapped together by my dad and I from a 20' long piece of 1 1/4 " doweling that just washed up between the dock and my boat. I tied a bit of string to give the scarlet runner beans a bit more encouragement but really they've not required much. They just go. Evil Mark is back living with us and though I couldn't get it in the photo here, there is a yellow and black NO TRESPASSING sign which he hacked to say NO TRELLISING. Well I'm gonna anyway.

The nasturtiums have just started to bloom and I built that planter out of some scrap pine my friend Glenna brought home from the set of Sanctuary where she was working as a set carpenter. I just have one tomato plant as I curbed my ambitions for hanging tomatoes this year.

And while not garden-y per se, Our Man on Shore Len had this funky shelf that he was dolling up with me in mind. I have to do a post on Len for he certainly deserves one of his own. It is boat kitch to be sure and you either love it or hate it. I happen to love it. Who says a three legged shelf isn't useful on a boat?

Ya, making GREAT progress on painting the boat aren't I? Just ignore that Corona bottle cap.

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rob said...

Doesn`t that look good You cant beat a bit of grenery and flowers to brighten a day!