Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Greig's new ride

Greig has a new ride. With the rationale of "How can I live on the water and not have a boat that runs?" It would be like denying the man cheeseburgers. The Hari Mai was running but the Grey marine has some issues and the repair is going to take some time to source out bits and parts. It is a situation that just wouldn't do.

The tentative name is the Indigo Streak, because well he's an Indigo and there is that big blue streak down it's side. I think Indigo Dreamer is more fitting but its not my decision.

We went up the river for a toot the other night. We saw some boats too.

Oh and these are a bit out of order but for the most part that is irrelevant.

This is the New Westminster Quay. I understood it was undergoing renovations and was closed but according to their web site it is open. There has been an attempt to make it like Granville Island for years and because it is privately owned it has failed. New Westminster is an older community in the Lower Mainland and home to a ton of old Victorian styled houses. For many years they've had problems with crime and drugs down on Columbia Street but it is slowly getting re-gentrified. There is a railroad track that runs along here and a large expanse of tiered parking lots and it just looks horrible. The City keep selling its "on the river-ness" but it is otherwise anti-pleasure boats and until they actually do something about prettying it up it's still a bit of a sow's ear. It is here where the Fraser splits between the North arm and the south so it isn't like there is no marine traffic, albeit it is mostly commercial.

The Profiler II belongs to the Federal Government and does the soundings of the river bottom. Our friend Josko is (or one of) it's captain.

This is the MV Edgewater Fortune. And according to this page on Wikipedia a Bay minesweeper built for the Canadian Navy in 1952.

Tug Island Commander which I've never seen underway but that doesn't mean it still isn't operational.

This is the historic tug the Sea Lion. It used to be down at Kitsilano Point at the Vancouver Maritime Museum but I noticed it moved out of there a year or so ago. Here is the museum's blurb on the vessel as it was a significant vessel on the coast at one time and involved in the Komagata Maru incident.

Various Tugs

Cool...floating shack with its own tennis court out front.


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Great post as ever Tana I`m impressed with Greigs new toy wow! and your tolerance :o))I just love tugs ! well up until a mate of mine had to weld around all the rivets (30,000 of them?)on a tugs fuel tanks with the diesel in the tanks still ???? he lived to tell the story too.