Monday, July 06, 2009

wee projects

A few wee things going on of late. I lucked out in having two glorious weeks of weather at the beginning of June as I decided to take two weeks vacation. Since I couldn't afford to leave town, my folks came to visit. I LOVE this when that happens 'cos my dad likes to be useful and I usually have plenty of things lined up for him to help me with.

First, out went my broken dishwasher. It gave up the ghost shortly before leaving Mitchell Island last year and I was only using it to store the metal chaffing dishes in the top left corner. Yes, a clear violation of efficient use of space, but I needed my "Round Tuit" to come back into town to assist such an endeavour. I suppose I could have perused the Craiglist in search of a new-to-me dishwasher or gone to see our guy Len as he's got the barn full of stuff and probably a dishwasher he's keen to sell too. (More on him in another post).

Besides, isn't that why one has kids around but for doing the dishes? space makes my toes curl more than the idea of a new dishwasher. I just have to make a curtain to go over it to keep the dust out.

Of course I am coveting the idea of one day getting new cabinets for these are thrashed and in need of replacement.

And falling under the category of a Tana-happy-project is this funky torchiere lamp that I picked up at an antique store in New Westminster. I paid $10 which cleaned up one can find ugly ones for around $175 minimum. But it is destined for my office at work when it gets done. I've been stripping down the metal and it is a mix of brass and pot metal so some of it will get re-painted and I will just polish up the rest of the brass.

It takes one of those Fat Albert bulbs in the top. Those tend to be pricier than regular bulbs but I like the tri-light functionality. Popping the three light part off turned out easier than expected and you can see the durn thing doesn't work too.

Yup, that grotty wire is going and I will replace it with proper insulated stuff. Here is a project Dad would have loved to help with but they skipped out too early for me to add this to his list. That's OK, I'd just as soon do it me-self.

In my "infinite" brilliance however I took apart one of the lights too "joyously in my journey of discovery" when I should have just left it as is. I lost a fine screw when it fell of my work bench, between the boards in the floor and into the river underneath. I have an alternate screw but I'll have to grind off the business end for it is a wee bit longer than the one I lost. Sigh.

And here are some wee babies. Yup, I think these are the same batch of swans Rhianna saw as there are eight babies here too. Mama swan gave me a wee nip in the upper arm when she thought I was getting too close to her babies.

And it was finally wee skiffy's turn for a buff and polish. Greig thought it should be renamed and put out the call for new names but nobody came up with anything more brillant than the name it has already. I think wee skiffy has been with us now some four years. It didn't come with that arch and some time ago Greig had Wei Tang weld it on for us over at Mitchell but getting round to painting it never came to fruition. I felt we were always going to call it wee skiffy and that it should be kept. And so I won.

There is a pile of sand leftover from the hydro installation so when the innards of the boat was still tacky I had Greig get a bucket of sand from the pile and we scattered it onto the wet paint for anti-slip. Oh yes the fancy boatyards like Arrow use crushed glass for that function but we aren't at all fancy down here on the Fraser river Bayou. Just regular dirt please. A second coat made it all really purdy...I printed out and made a stencil for the name on the bow and...

And speaking of purdy don't Miss Stacey (she is mama to Payton, Dyllon and Denis Jr.) look grand in the new life jacket? We lost a bunch when the Goblin sank last winter during last winter's Cold Snap from Hell. Still need more. They are on the list.

And away they go!

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