Thursday, September 03, 2009

Big and pretty

Of course this beauty doesn't grace our waters much and was bound to have me wondering just who owned it. The SY Rosehearty had been anchored out in English Bay for a few days in August. Now that, is a yacht. A Google search on it turned up lots of links.

Oh, it belongs to Rupert. As in Murdock. Very sweet. Oh to be so financially flush.


Fran said...

Seems like an awful lot of bits of rope to pull and hull to anti-foul! Oh to have 'staff' to do all that menial work!

Love the blog.


rob said...

Is this the vessel with the two person elevator in the main mast?

bowiechick said...

Thanks Fran!!

Yes you can bet your bottom dollar Rup's got peeps to do all that grunty work. We saw a few staff and you can see two of them peeking out at the stern of the boat!

Ocean Escape said...

That's a lovely looking boat but I would hate to have something that size that required crew to go anywhere. A well-designed 40 footer I can handle with one other person or on my own will do nicely for me.

Jamie said...

Damn. That's impressive. And yet I have to agree with Ocean Escape ~ nothing like just the two of us out on the boat with no one else for miles. Hey, did I mention that the captain and I are considering visiting you and Greig in the winter? Don't worry ~ I'll let you know well ahead of time :)

bowiechick said...

Well, I wouldn't mind to be waited on hand-and-foot for a change as I am tired being the waiter and would love to be the waitee for a while...visit? Really? Then you'll be two for two to our ZERO!