Saturday, September 26, 2009

Clearly...not enough action?

By the fact I have 11 comments regarding an electric fence indicates yer all bored, or apparently fascinated with electric fences. It wasn't even boat-y and I only wrote it to throw a bone into my dearth of postings.

Sigh...well here is some new "action" from our little hole in the river.

This place trumps the old one by the fact that in spite of all the log booms in our vicinity, we just don't have the logs attacking us like they did at Mitchell. Yea! Fighting with dead heads for two hours every night was just no fun at all. Still, we need wood to burn and there is lots of crap to clean up around here too that doesn't involve having to haul logs out to buck up and split and most of it can head straight for my woodstove. There are remains of older docks up on shore and so we are recycling lots of the wood there for planks on the docks that are, well, so rotten a small child or toby, my cat could fall through it. We've got a fair amount done and I got ambitious with the pressure washer and finally got to one of my list items from May. Yes, from May.

The upstairs railing around the floathouse is covered in rather unsightly cedar shakes. Yes, I would love to replace it with something different and gain a few more inches of walkway space up there. But I have to live with what I've got for now. So I attacked it with the pressure washer and did the front, starboard side and across the stern. Alas, the dock between me and Mt. Kleeman was removed to make room for the Malcite's arrival and so Mt. Kleeman is smack right beside me. There are some overturned docks about and when Greig finally feels ambitious enough to tackle turtling them to their upright position we can slide one of those puppies between the floatie and Mt. Kleeman. Then I'll arm up again and hit the shakes on the port side and give them a good scrubbing.

Gawd, was I ever filthy from that. A lovely brown woody sludge covered just about everything so I had to do a final rinse of every surface with just the garden hose. I am ever so thankful that this sunny weather holds and continues to cooperate.

I carried on with washing off some of the new dock planks too and when that is all "done" I guess we'll have to throw down some anti-slip device (probably chook wire) as it will all get terribly slippery as soon as it thinks to get a bit frosty around here.

And if this weather holds, maybe I'll get some painting and staining done!


rob said...

Wow aren`t you just so busy? where do you get your energy from ;O))? I think I will just take a slow (single handed) trip down to the Solent for a few days in case I should feel like working on the boat :o))Tee Hee!great job though got to be done, take care!

Fran said...

All that hard work has paid off, looks good. On our yacht we mixed bird sand with the paint to create a non slip surface on the decks. Works a treat.

bowiechick said...

When we did the haul out on the floathouse a year ago, the shipyard's painter pointed me over to the paint shed to help myself to a bucket of crushed glass for that is what they scattered over the decks for an anti-slip function as they said it wore better than sand did. I never did get around to getting myself a bucket and have kicked myself several times that I didn't.

Jamie said...

What a job you did, T! Really looks good...and one project always leads to another. Here's to a warmer, dryer winter this year. We earned it after the last one!