Thursday, September 10, 2009


Tugster posted a link to the Waterpod but I missed it until my friend and our old roommate Marcus sent me a link to this video on Facebook.

I have always thought that as land becomes more scarce and sea levels rise that we must find alternatives in our lifestyles and these folks should be applauded in their experiment here. Municipalities on water all over should be taking more proactive approaches rather than maintain a "head-in-the-sand-itis."


Fran said...

I plan on growing veg on our barge but this takes it to another level. Some interesting ideas though. Thanks for sharing the link. Fran

bowiechick said...

Yes, and Lorna on the Serenity (Boats are for losers) has a quite respectable container garden it seems. I work too much too really tend to my spotty pots at all properly.

rob said...

A guy in the west indies, I believe, has built his own island from plastic bottles wrapped in onion sacks, held togeather initially by baling twine, on this he has planted mangroves which now bind it all togeather and he has included a beach, palms for shade and to eat and an agricultural area. I don`t have the link but he was due to move this "island out to another cove somewhere for its permanent resting place. :o))