Thursday, September 17, 2009


I was back home in the interior visiting my folks and one recent add-on in Dad's garden is this spanky new electric fence. With so many deer about and in trying to keep bears away from the fruit tree he decided to make this wee investment.

He was having trouble and the whole thing seemed to be bedeviling him a bit as he didn't think any current was running through it. On my last afternoon there I had put in my request to take some of his bounty home with me. I had my dibs on beans, tomatoes, cukes, peaches and apples from the Gravenstein tree. (He's also got Northern Spy, Red and Golden Delicious, and Fuji's). The Grav's are my favorite though for eating even though they are a cooking apple mostly.

Mum and I tackled the beans, many of which were too big and woody and destined for the compost bin. I had filled a bucket and headed back out of his netted garden to go dump the first pail. The gate didn't open all the way, due to the slope of the ground and so I had put the metal bail of the bucket against the wire of the electric fence. We were in the garden and I thought he had turned off as he was frustrated that it wasn't working.

I eased myself around the gate and grabbed the bail on the bucket and discovered to my surprise that yes, the fence well and truly was working.

"Hey Dad!" I hollered up from the garden, "Are you still thinking you're fence isn't working?"


"It is now! I just got bit!"

"Wonderful!" he hollered back.

Gee...thanks Pa! Glad to help.


rob said...

A friend of mine uses electric fences to retain his group of Orangs. starting with one rescue femail he added a young male also rescue( all his animals including many chimps are rescued from various problem owners) The older femail (Aimee) took the young male by the hand and walked him around the enclosure, gently lifting him on to the staging and then pushing him off so that he would know not to fall ? she did similar with the pool letting him know that he would get wet, She then took him over to the electric fence and placed his hand onto the wire which made him jump, after that she walked off and left him much the wiser! we both like to think that she was just pointing out the dangers that might befall him if he didn`t take care of at least the three things that she had shown him?

bowiechick said...

Rob, you have the BEST stories!

cyberangel said...

Ouch Tana,years ago, I had a horse and he head butted me in the chest , knocking me backwards into the electric fence. I thought someone had come up behind me and hit me over the head with a hammer as hard as they could. I couldnt believe it when I turned around and saw just a thin electrical wire as my attacker. They can really pack a punch, glad you werent hurt.

Markitos said...

Are those solar panels your Pops got there? If so good on him that rocks. Or shocks as the case maybe.
A visiter from Oceans Escape.

bowiechick said...

Hi Rhianna! No I just got a wee nip from it but enough for me to respect it, lol!

Hi again Markito! those are just hunks of plywood covered with foil to bring more "heat" to the peach tree. In these northern climes generating heat even to ripen the fruit on the tree requires some ingenuity.

rob said...

I visited an old Roman vineyard here in the UK some years ago and they did a similar thing by building a stone lined trench about 18 inches deep with soil in the middle of the bottom with the vines in it. and they grew great wine I`m sure, if the stuff the local vicar is still making is anything to go by. The vicarage was built on the site of an old Roman estate in kent and he dug up and restored the old vineyard bit

rob said...

This "E" fence is to keep off mrs bear? I guess?

bowiechick said...
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bowiechick said...

Yes it is to keep out the mr's too and also the deer. We have had a wonderfully hot summer that has resulted in a bountiful huckleberry crop. Berry pickers have been going on how huge the berries have been this year and literally falling into one's bucket. With all this bounty in the hills, the bears are staying up there and haven't been down to raid the orchards and gardens yet.

rob said...

They will, I`m sure? :o))

Ocean Escape said...

Heehee :-)

I'm sure there's a law against fathers electrocuting their children ;-)