Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The beginning of the end

It is with mixed feelings I announce the sale of the MV Partnership II, aka, the floatie as I like to call it.

It has been sold to a nice young father of two. I didn't expect it to really happen after all we've had plenty of hull kic
kers. It isn't so easy for people to buy a boat let alone a live aboard for banks don't like to touch 'em. (Yes, Ocean Escape, I do concur.)

I would have been happy to remain on the floatie but alas Greig and I have some unresolvable lifestyle issues that neither of us are willing to compromise on. I did just that for a long time and it wasn't working for me. One boat was always enough. Six, too much. I dunno...is it just me? Am I really that much of a buzz kill? Is it really incredibly selfish on my part to want to do something else other than put all my energy into derelict ships and a revolving door of roommates who, more time than not, have serious anti-social or substance abuse issues? Yes, and for every "bad apple" there were two or three that were stellar and whom we consider family to this day. Renovating the boats, working a full-time job and a part time job was about all there was room for. But I wasn't doing it for me and so it left me fairly unfulfilled. The renos on the floatie were the most fulfilling for me and validated what I knew already that I really could do lots of it myself. I just needed
time to get to it and that was on the short end of the stick. Life is too short to be doing things you don't really wanna. And I wanna do many other things.

It seems that
Waterlogged is coming to an end. Greig has asked that at some point I will go through and make a proper book of the whole adventure. But I have mixed feelings on that too for there have been some incredibly painful things that Greig and I have been through as a couple. Great examples mind you on what NOT to do in relationships and how to kill them. And others have been hurt too but we've all made our respective choices so nobody can play blame game or victim cards. Maybe I'll self publish something through Lulu. A year or so ago I went back to review some of the posts and of course, one story inspires three others that I never got around to writing. It also was painfully obvious how much editing is required too. Mistakes notwithstanding, this has been a wonderful way to journal the whole affair and it just so happened a few people dropped around to read it and I made a few extra friends along the way. Thankfully too, should that time come I 've lots of editor friends who'd probably be eager to point out all my errors, bad grammar and spelling mistakes.

I'm moving ashore in a too expensive rental suite in a house, with a yard, that actually will let me take Tobias. I can walk to work and park that durn car! When I find some balance and equilibrium back in my life I may start on the
Hari Mai, unless of course it sells too. Truly, it's been my favorite boat of the whole bunch. Maybe I'll start a blog about that boat yet.

One of these days I'll finally shut down the Bowie site but I have to ask my web collegues on how to archive all that in a way that doesn't keep the url active, yet present as a reference point for the US-PCS class ships.

I had a dream about the Bowie last night. I am not one to ever remember my dreams, much as that frustrates me. In it and for some reason, we were down in front of Mitchell Island out on the river in front of it. I was on some boat. I looked over to the Bowie's stern and I thought it was looking too low in the waterline and clearly taking on water. Somebody better get that pump in the Laz going! Then it suddenly started sinking fast. My first thought was fear that somebody was on it and the only person not screaming was Dave L. cheering at its demise. It went down in the stern like an orca whale spyhopping and it rolled over and floated underneath us and drifted with the outgoing tide and river current. We poked at is uselessly with our pike poles. Then I woke up, with an incredible feeling of sadness. It was just a dream and is floating fine last I heard annoying Rolly still with its presence. Go Bowie Go!

Thanks all, it's been ducky.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ghostly apparition

"Hey!" He hollered from upstairs. "Grab the camera and run over to the portside of the Express and get a load of that!"

I grabbed the camera and popped on to the Express and gazed out into the foggy morning mist to see this floating up the river on the incoming tide.

Clearly it had taken on water by the way it was listing and who knows how long it has been floating along. My money is that someone took advantage of a foggy dark morning and the incoming tide and set that adrift to get rid of it.

I didn't recognize it from any marina either down or up river from us and tried to zoom in close.

Greig, now dressed, decided to investigate in Wee Skiffy but alas, by the time he got even close all he could see was the roof... going under the log boom.

I think it was a much neglected Cruise-a-home.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boats burn in Coal Harbour

Three boats were ablaze this morning downtown in Coal Harbour. This article on CBC's web site has more details.

Having been through a fire on the Express, they are so very scary. Thankfully we had fire pumps on the dock and got two hoses on it before the Richmond Fire Deparment arrived with their trucks, and Greig and company managed to have much of it out. Still, all that fibreglass would have made for a much more toxic affair than our old wood subchaser.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. I am always amazed at the insipid and inane comments often left by people on such posts.

More photos on CTV's site here:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Some TLC for a Grey Marine

Yipee! I am happy for we have found someone to weld cast and the Hari Mai's engine can finally be repaired. I know that Streak can go fast, fast. But given my druthers, I'll take the slow easy cruising of the the Hari Mai over zippy-go-go anytime. Plus, it is just a cooler boat all the way around.

Happy Thanksgiving!