Thursday, November 19, 2009

When the mountain falls

Who'd have thunk such a prophesy from previous post before would actually result it coming to fruition? The next day even? Well it did indeed.

We've been battered by the Pineapple Express again this winter. November usually means monsoons and wicked windstorms and we've been getting hit again. However for the first time in many, many years, it ain't quite affecting me so 'cos I am squirreled away in my cozy little house - yea me!

We called this 90-foot monster of a boathouse Mt. Kleeman, some days after it arrived down at Mitchell Island several years ago from a local boat broker named Gary Kleeman. He didn't own the boathouse nor the boat inside it that I was ever aware of. He just happened to be the guy charged with selling it all. They located the big beast at the stern of the Bowie and it blocked that off from the rest of the marina like some kind of Berlin Wall on water. Prior to its arrival we could sit on the Bowie's back deck and see who was coming in and out of the yard. We could tell who was who by how they walked and if we didn't recognize them chances were they were not supposed to be there. This big mountain blocked us off from everything and was an eyesore among all the other eyesores, our own eyesores notwithstanding. It seemed everything started going downhill after that.

We took to calling it Mt. Kleeman, it has forever stuck with us. Eventually the boat inside it sold and its owner didn't want the boathouse, Greig's employer and our landlord snapped it up and moved it up to Sather. The Sea Ferring (which I see just recently sank over at Mitchell Island) was in it for a short time last summer and recently it housed, a 40-some foot Hattaras that the Big Cheese was fixing up.

Anyway, my feared prophecy came true in one of last weeks bashings and down it came. I can only say I was pleased that it fell the other way from the Partnership and didn't come down the other way. I am also glad I missed it too. The only thing keeping it from not collapsing entirely was the Hatteras that was still inside it. It doesn't appear any worse for it though.


cyberangel said...

Wow, great pictures, glad your house wan't hit by it.Funny it seemed a fairly solid structure, who would have thought it would crumble like that. I have to say, before moving into a marina, I had no idea boats could sink so easily or from so many different causes. Its making me a rest a bit better to know I'm on land and no longer having sinking boat nightmares. Sorry to hear you sold your houseboat tho, I did love that place so much, but I guess it was a good decision for you,so I'm glad you found a buyer for it.

bowiechick said...

Well it wasn't very solid when it was over on Mitchell so we have been watching it getting worse and worse all the time.

The floatie was great for one person or a couple but not entirely practical with the kids. Alone, it was fine but having it in that context was never going to be an option. It was a huge amount of work, keeping up with firewood and having no place to really store it. Wood stoves are filthy at the best of times and the constant traffic of bodies was getting beyond the pale. It was a Sisyphean task and had been for so long and needed to end.

rob said...

Great piccies Tana Thanks for sharing that. As you say the Hatterus seems OK, but by the time they demolish the boat house things might change (I hope not).
Take care
sleep well (now you are on land away from all that):o))

Jamie said...

Wow, dem's some pictures! The saga of boats and floaties and boathouses is never-ending interesting...thanks for sharing. Love that you're still posting; you have too much good stuff to say to not write! Wordpress, huh? I'll be interested to hear if you go that route...

Shirley Landis VanScoyk said...

Hey, sweetie! WOW those are great pictures! See, we are soooo far inland.... in in pastoral nothing as exciting AS THAT happens here. KNOCK ON WOOD
But things do come down, even eyesores. A lesson for us to remember when the frustration with seeing them gets to be too much. Sometimes, we outlast our nemesis. Keep writing!

bowiechick said...

Hear, hear Shirley!