Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Adreneline much?

About two hours ago I was up in the mall picking up a prescription and thinking I should hit the library or go to the bookstore nearby. I opted for the bookstore even though I had no intention of actually buying a book.

As I approached the book store, I heard the shriek of a woman and as I was turning back toward the scream, my first thought was that someone dropped a jar of pickles on the tile or some such thing. I saw a fellow veering back from the cashier clutching a handful of bills to his abdomen and turning to run out of the store. Without thinking I just bolted after him. Silly really, as I was in heels but the bastard and I locked eyeballs and so I took chase after him over the tile floors. I chased him for about 400 feet over the mall and down a hallway to a stairwell and then I lost him for I didn't know if he gone up or down. And the realization that I was in heels and I didn't have a snowballs chance made me realize the futility of it.

As I turned to give up an employee or maybe the owner of the shop the store was right behind me. He said that this fellow had ripped them off before. They declined my offer for my services as a witness and so I took my leave. Adreneline pumping, I felt no need to remain in the mall and left.

It's giving me pause to think however how quickly I choose to bolt after this fellow. He wasn't what I would consider a "big" guy and I probably had a good 20 pounds on him, as I would never be accused of being small or petite by any stretch of the imagination. (I am 5'7" and large athletic frame).  He could have been armed but I certainly didn't ever feel afraid.  I suppose if this happened in the US, the chance of him packing heat would have been far greater. I mean no disrespect to my US friends here, but geez, it's Canada and when we think of the "right to bear arms" it usually means bare arms, 'cos it is summer and we can turf the parkas! He was clearly confident that I'd not catch him anyway. Brunette, 5'10 -11", 160 lbs, light olive complexion perhaps of European mix, khaki pants, baseball hat, blue fleece jacket. He was actually kind of a nice looking guy really.  But I am no cop. I am no runner either - my bladder gets me every time!

But it isn't the first time for your's truly to stand up to some rotter who thinks they can be a bully and that I am just "some female,"  who won't get in their face. Invariably, I do, much Greig's chagrin. He's referred to me as his Velvet Hammer on several occasions.

At any rate, while I ponder all the ponderables of this situ, may I recommend this very nice Australian red? Ah, that's it. Must be the uppity Aussie in me blood, or the German.


Matt said...

So glad to see that you haven't abandoned the blog! Apparently living on land hasn't taken any zip out of you, but please as a service to your loyal listeners, don't go chasing down petty thieves. Been there done that and it is not worth the risk. If it were a kidnapping I'd say kick off the old pumps and run them 'till you are ground down to shin. A cash register "meh," who cares... although the endorphin rush is pretty killer, I must admit.


Jamie said...

Crazy Canadian woman! That being said, you'd be on the short list for who I want in a dark alley late at night faced off against a group of thugs!

bowiechick said...

Well indeed Matt, that is exactly why I chose to give it all a bit of a thunk. The mall in question has lots of little old ladies so I am glad the loser chose a cash and grab at the veggie market than some pensioner's handbag.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Jamie!

The Rodeo Princess said...

Spunkie girl - yes, in the states we are always worried that the thug has a gun, but then again, there would be a good chance that one of the little old ladies you were worried about would have been packing heat - some of my girlfriends do all the time.

I'm a little thing - short and round, but I can't seem to be able to not jump into something - and I'm also usually pretty even tempered. SO, I know what you are thinking - and yes, it does give one pause. But you know something about yourself now. You know you are the kind who fights. That's a good thing to know.

rob said...

Well done but take a breath next time then chase after them, in that split second you might have time to spot something that could benefit you i.e. your in heels , he`s packing, he`s bigger, etc and anyway you aren`t the super hero I am :o)) Tee hee!! be careful you large athletic person you :o))