Thursday, April 08, 2010

Boaty bitching in the news.

The sunny weather of the Olympics is over and we have had our winter now these last few weeks since and last night the lower mainland got nailed again with windstorms. Now back to business, as usual.

Four vessels have washed up on beaches in English Bay and of course on the CBC's website there have been two articles this morning on the issue.

1. Vancouver Sailor Blames City for Kits Beach Wreckage

2. Windstorm blasts BC south coast.

All in all fascinating and maddening all at the same time to read the comments here which range from simple mis-information to complete elitism and fascism. People are just so NICE!

I'm kidding. Really, that is the Real Vancouver. All that "niceness" during the Olympics? It was a one time event. Now eff off and hand over your wallet, ya deadbeat.


rob said...

Tee hee weve got this lot in London soon :o(( Mmmmmm! Perhaps I`m just an old grouc? but I really don`t see that much good will come of it all? :o((

bowiechick said...

Oh absolutely nothing will come of it. But they're really is a need for more marinas as there it is really a seller's market. 13 year waits at one marina alone. Really, I should just avoid reading those all together!

rob said...

Re the boat wrekage I thought that there was an international maritime law that stated that mariners were entitled to the use of a safe harbour in dior needs? or something like that? I know when I arrive at a strange harbour and are pestered immediately, by the "peaked hat" brigade for fees I usually get away by saying that I have an engine problem and so claim my right to a legal ( under maritime law) free harbour berth, it often works for me but they get wise very quickly :o))

bowiechick said...

Well this is just it Rob, I think the fellow, and his move to the media was albeit a bit bone headed, should have just pulled anchor and gone into the creek. Many have said he could have gone around and up into Deep Cove where it is quite sheltered (and would take him several hours in a sailboat.) However going into the creek was indeed the shortest distance and he should have just done so and pulled out when things calmed. Federal laws would prevail I think.