Saturday, April 17, 2010

Expressing himself

We did get some progress done on the Express last year. With Denis Sr. help, the half of the salon got framed. It wallowed until January when Greig got a shot in the arm to get it "livable."

Livable. It's word fraught with so much meaning. His livable has never been my livable so upon the sale of the float house, the panic attack that flooded over me was a sure indication that it wasn't the way for me. However, around Christmastime,  Greig was motivated by a high school friend who was bringing over a construction crew from Victoria and needed beds for his crew for the end of January. He didn't think he'd find affordable accommodations for his five -six guys because of the Olympics. So Greig hauled his backside trying to get it up to at least camping state.

His concept drawing.

1. He put up sheeting on the existing studs.
2. Got a crew in to spray foam the ceiling and upper walls
3. Installed a couple of the salvaged Bowie portholes I had cleaned up.
4. Found a free 10 person hot tub, installed a new spa pack to the tune of about $1600 when the dust settled. It still needs a proper lid as the other has finally had the biscuit. In the meantime, I recycled a huge vinyl banner from work and he is using that until he feels it is OK to shell out the 200-400 bucks for a proper cover.
5. Made a bathroom: installed a shower/bathtub, toilet, vanity and black tank.
6. Got some basic kitchen facility in place with cooktop burner in place.
7. Set up a band stand with an organ, the computer, Bui's drums and his guitar....rock on.

 The Pacific Express with the Celtwin and the Bayliner out front.

The guys moved in and set to work on their big window installation job and Greig managed to salvage a few windows from the job site and now has some installed along the port side, as well as a big slider on the back deck. The crew has dispersed to sleeping areas on the Bayliner, sailboat, Hari Mai and the water taxi and for the most part these guys seem to be coping with the camping like conditions just fine if not being, well, guys away from home and not so tidy.

Some of the salvaged windows he got installed.

Soon they will be done this job and Greig will have the Express to himself save his new room mate. Gizmo is a ginger persian who has been an indoor cat and was owned by a young girl over in West Vancouver (very tony digs) who' Mother felt she wasn't taking the best care of him. I suppose I thought Persians would be fussy things and the wee thing had a moment but he is a very good natured little fellow.

Gizmo is 15-18 months old and still quite kitten-like.

I think from having these guys about Greig is finally cured of the communal living. No doubt if there was a female down there they would have all behaved themselves a bit better. Pretty much all of them are fairly heavy drinkers and two have had to be fished out drunk from the cold winter river. Sean has had to send a few back to the Island (Vancouver Island) for getting out of hand. And maybe that is just guys, away from home, exhausted from 10-12 hr working days and trying to relax enough to get up and do it all again the next day. I guess it hasn't been any fun. Well at least they can BBQ.

In the last few weeks though we have had a spate of windstorms and kept a few of them up late and bouncing around in the chuck a bit. The Express certainly is a whole lot lighter than the Bowie whose movements were much more subtle. All in all not listening to the tarps or boat rigging flopping in the wind makes for a better night's sleep.


Fran said...

That cat has the most amazingly cute squashed in face! Love him x

rob said...

Wow! some guy that Greg! where does he get all his energy from???? :o))

bowiechick said...

Well he isn't as energized about all of it like he used to be that is for sure. It was easier when he felt he was doing it for other people. Now that isn't the case, so maintaining the "mo" to do so is certainly harder for him. I was never able to convince him that it was too much to handle. Now of course he is patently aware that actually, yes it is more than he can handle but he's committed to following through and so we all have to do our dash.

rob said...

Good on you all! :o))

Rodeo Princess said...

You just amaze me. I feel so ORDINARY beside you.