Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Suquamish

The Suquamish is a boat that has been at Sather for sometime. If you have been following this blog for any amount of time, you will recall it is the one that tipped over a year ago. I wrote about the incident here. I don't know much about this boat: only that Glen claimed it was the oldest wooden passenger ferry on the west coast - something I have never been able to validate in my loose research on the thing.

Glen, then owner, worked to clean up the mess and after the swamping got the engine on it going within a matter of days and spent the rest of the summer organizing all the piles of crap and materials on board. The problem with Glen was that he had been squatting at the marina for a good while - at least a year and a half before we arrived. He was half on the Sather water lease and half on the neighbour's next door. Since Glen was persona non grata, Greig had it on express orders from the Big Boss to not let him on the property or give him power at all lest  enabling him to remaining there. On the day we sold the float house, he came to Greig, literally hat in hand, asking if Greig would take it over. It had a slow leak in the stuffing box and just keeping on top of it was getting too much for Glen. So Greig was in possession of another big-assed wooden boat for the princely sum of a $1. Without much say in the matter anyway, all I could do was shake my head in resignation over it all, knowing full well Greig would pull another horseshoe out of his backside over it at some point.. 

The spring has had Greig in a wee flurry of boat showings and negotiations some of which looked really positive and have ultimately fallen through. Greig asked me to post the Suquamish on craigslist and within the month sold it. Adrien had had a vessel once before and was keen to get back into something to live aboard.

The work Adrien is doing is not to dissimilar to Greig's recent renovations to the Express- something I've not yet written about yet. Suquamish had very similar lines though not quite as beam-y or as long. It's straight eight Gardner still runs though I have no idea if real operation of the vessel is upon Adrien's agenda or not though he did stick a funnel on the roof the other day, in situ. Part of Adrien's payment to Greig was a very fithy '89 Mercedes four door which Greig in turn, gave to me. I didn't expect that for I felt I had no entitlement to anything where the Suquamish was involved. But I wasn't about to look gift Mercedes in the mouth, even it it is 21 years old. I've since cleaned up and is my regular driver when I don't bike or walk, until the Suburban is repaired. At least that WAS the plan until the other day.

I think Adrien's making some good progress.


Fran said...

Hi Tanya, there is going to be a lot of space on that boat when it is done. Keep us up to date. x

rob said...

Wow a gardner eh? thats a great engine! about June last year I took two Gardner engines out of two old london buses with a friend to re build and sell them on eventually my friend has now placed tham with another friend ( looking for work) who is slowly doing exactly that, rebuilding them. Great engines. Did you know the earlier ones were built by one man on his own! until they started mass production. Oh yes!!! I took a 90 foot yacht from Dover to lisbon which also had a gardner a 6 cylinder I think and that ran as sweet as a nut when we needed it!