Saturday, May 08, 2010

How about an Alibi for your Wahoo?

The marina owner/boss had a Little Brother in the marina who had, wait for it... a grotty old boat. At 50ish, Little Brother is no dummy when it comes to boats and I know he knows his stuff. I like Little Brother as a person, just not his bad habits. At one time he really had his life together and is so often the case, suffered a major injury and his life fell apart. Since the trauma, Little Brother, also was not very inclined to pay moorage, or his hydro and often "borrowed" things from Big Brother and neighbours to pay for his habits. It's a script for life one sees time and time again: life has you landing a big pile of doo-doo and sometimes you can recover from it; or you just fall apart. Bridges it seems are made for burning.

Little Brother also had friends with bad habits who were also inclined to borrow things. As we restricted their access to the property, the rate of stuff going walk-about declined. Then, Old Softie, aka Greig, would acquiesce to some request. It is his nature to be inclined to believe in people when they are far from being entitled to that faith. Then there would be a new spate of borrowing again and {begins singing} It's like the song that never just goes on and on...

Big Brother just couldn't muster the cojones to throw Little Brother out. It's that family thing. Oh sure, he could yell at him and steam at the ears but when it came to actually following through, he always ended up backing down from his threats. Big Brother had assistance recently when the city and port authority decided to crack down on his property to get it cleaned up. Little Brother was no longer living on his boat, but in a motor home on Big Brother's property and well, it isn't zoned for such things.

Seeing an opportunity to maybe help the Boss/Big Brother get rid of Little Brother and all the noise that all brought, Little Brother decided to let Greig buy his boats (only two!) in exchange for Greig's dumping pick up truck. Little Brother has a hard time keeping a job and if it keeps him somewhat self-employed, and busy, all the better, thought Greig. I was thrilled at finally go from having five insured vehicles to three (yes, three is still too many). So, in typical fashion, Greig's recent sale of two boats has resulted in an additional net gain of two more. {Heavy sigh}.

With twin 671s, I guess this too was a charter vessel at one time and the superstructure has really deteriorated in the few years it has been at Sather too. I am sure it was a beauty once and ago.

The Alibi Wahoo is an authentic rum runner. Little Brother showed us it's authentic provenance in a book he had borrowed from the public library. (Yes, he forgot to return the book too.) It sure was pretty! He figured the Alibi and the Ma Cherie were the only two authentic rum runners left on the West Coast - for this book's author says so. The Ma Cherie is a beautiful boat and in the first year Greig and I were dating it was for sale for the princely sum of $110k and I looked into trying to purchase it. But that was before the Bowie came into our life and days after viewing that, Greig took off to Mexico to work on the movie Master and Commander. The Ma Cherie was no wreck and now lives in the marina next door. Yes, I am sure had that deal gone through, my attitude about boats and live aboards would be quite different. (I have real photos of it somewhere...)

Right, but this is about the Alibi Wahoo.

It's Twin 671s Detroits do turn over so it isn't seized and they are quite salvageable. It's wheelhouse, upper structure is a mess. Built sometime in the 1920s it was surely a gem.

Oh wait...I did say two boats. Yes, the second I saw running when we first got to Sather a few years ago but it has been neglected too. Yes, it went past, fast, so I can attest to what it once was also. However, it's name has always offended me and really, I think it is best that it just...went...below.

 Charming little thing isn't it?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Three live aboard tales from New York

Apartment Therapy had this post on three stories of house boating in New York City.

The third, thought published back in December of 2008, from the New York Times, made me chuckle and wonder that they must have been reading Waterlogged for some time and adapting our ideas. The Urban Pirate Life sounded awfully familiar to me.  We were not off-grid like these folks and at least managed to stay warmer on the Bowie and the old wood ship I think was easier to heat than this steel one.