Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Three live aboard tales from New York

Apartment Therapy had this post on three stories of house boating in New York City.

The third, thought published back in December of 2008, from the New York Times, made me chuckle and wonder that they must have been reading Waterlogged for some time and adapting our ideas. The Urban Pirate Life sounded awfully familiar to me.  We were not off-grid like these folks and at least managed to stay warmer on the Bowie and the old wood ship I think was easier to heat than this steel one. 


Rhianna said...

Cool link Tana, that last one really looked and sounded like the Bowie for sure( well except you guys had power, heat and running water)that being said the new owners don't have any of that, so can't imagine its too comfortable there these days. I do miss the parties on that boat tho, they were the best!

Shirley Landis VanScoyk said...

Your life is just too cool!