Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This breaks my heart

BP's spill in the Gulf is absolutely breaking my heart and I am livid about the colossal mismanagement over something that was completely preventable. This will affect this planet's oceans forever.  I had I stumbled upon some video posted on Facebook and they claimed the "video was banned by BP." But the video is a very lossy version of one created by 60 Minutes Australia and I have since discovered the original US 60 Minutes video in three parts on Youtube. It isn't banned. At least not yet.

The video is by Australian 60 Minutes:

Part two is here:

However 60 Minutes has a very good in depth presentation also on Youtube that exists in three parts. Here is part one of three.  (Footage from Aus 60 certainly utilizes the footage from this report.) 

As the gentleman above retells his experience it reminded me of my Marine Emergency course from last winter. Evacuation protocols supposedly practiced weekly were not adhered to and many took off in lifeboats without him or even the rig's captain and many others!

In the AUS video, they interview and introduce Kindra Arnesen of Venice, Louisiana.  She is being called the "Erin Brokovich" of the BP Spill. A Google search for  Kindra netted this video of her speaking out at the Gulf Emergency Summit (June 19, 2010).

I applaud Kindra for having the chops to stand up and make a noise. I am sure she would absolutely love for things to go back to a "normal" that will never be, ever again. It takes great courage to do what she is doing. She isn't just fighting for herself and her fellow Americans. She is fighting for me, you and all the rest of us here on planet Earth. 

I also applaud Mike Ellis, a captain working for BP & The Coast Guard has been working on Sea Turtle rescues, talks about BPs practices of rounding up and burning oil soaked wildlife. 

MSNBC's Rachael Maddox tells of a similar platform explosion from in the Gulf that occurred back in 1979 but this seems to have fallen out of memory. In this link she'll illustrate how history aways seems to repeat itself. That one took nine months to seal up and was in 200 feet of water.

Hearts and positive prayers to everyone going through this Hell on Earth.

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