Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sometimes you stumble upon the darndest things on YouTube

I was just stumbling around on YouTube and randomly discovered this video from December 1996 and seven years prior to Greig's purchase of it in January 2003. It is of the Bowie and it broke away from its moorage and slammed up against the Pitt River Bridge. I didn't know about the incident but there are two raw videos on YouTube about it from bcnewsvideo.

Coincidentally too is it features the previous owner that we only knew as "Sally." We never knew her last name and only that she had a heck of a time finding moorage for it further toward the mouth of the river. I don't know how long after this incident that it moved carelessly to a shallow spot on the river and rolled over on the low tide.

I had to chuckle of course at the videographer question to Sally and her son, "You must have an intersting life!"

Also it so happens in the spirit of randomness, that Greig so happened to meet said son on a dinner cruise a few weeks back.

And here is the second bit of footage:

Well, I considered this blog-worthy, even though there is no dramatic rescue. Cleary in the second video that there were several other boats that broke away from rotten pilings.

Monday, July 19, 2010

"A dead fishery, contaminated land, a bag full of bills and a court date." - Kindra Arnesen

Holt Webb writes a blog called Vanishing America and he has done a six-part interview with Kindra Arnesen, local Louisiana activist, whom I have profiled here previously in a couple of  videos.

Please go over to his YouTube channel and watch these six videos which are about 32 minutes in length.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

More BP BS from the gulf.

Here is another video of Kindra Arneson speaking at a town hall meeting of the spill in the Gulf.

And more for a reality check: