Sunday, August 01, 2010

Bowiechick friendly

Yep. A craigslist score that just happens to be bowiechick friendly.

It is small enough for me to attempt launching and operating by myself. Plus it has a trailer and...wait for it...NAV LITES THAT WORK! Gosh, I am feeling so grown up now.

It is a SeaDoo. I scrubbed it down on Saturday and in the seat in the bow had a special smell which I think belonged to a dead rat. (Old droppings therein notwithstanding.) Dead rats smell somewhat like a rotting fish only slightly different.

All other small tenders we have had had always had a f--- around in trying to start them. I could never pull on the cord for that Johnson outboard we had on the Wee Skiffy.  Not that it was something that bothered me that I couldn't as there were other burly guys that had trouble too.

Key starts rock.

**UPDATE: Aug 2: 8:52am: Didn't even get a chance to use it as it just got ripped off the truck in front of my house. They would have taken my suburban too but my neighbour seemingly chased them off. 


Rhianna said...

Hard to stay a land monkey eh :)That looks like the perfect beach boat to me.

bowiechick said...

Actually, I was thinking of zipping by to pick u up to go to the beach at your new house but now I can't. Rat bastards. My spidy-senses have been on alert too as I was looking out the front yard every time I heard a noise. Slept right through that one!

Fran said...

Shame, read your post at lunch time and thought I would comment tonight, now I have just read the update. If you don't get it back, I hope that the first time the rat bastards use it she springs a big leak and gives them a serious dunking. x

bowiechick said...

Thanks Fran. I am hoping that by being diligent I will eventually find it up on the craigslist and then we'll get em!

DSI Canada said...

Is that some kind of a small speedboat? It also looks inflatable but maybe it's just the picture.

bowiechick said...

Hi DSI Canada. Yup the bottom is rigid and the hull is inflatable. These kinds of vessels are known as rigid inflatable boats (RIBs).