Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Saorsa & a Sunset

For over the past year, Greig has been in communication with a fellow that I can only describe as his brother from another mother. They look nothing alike and clearly were separated at conception. However the similarities are downright crazy! Darryl, like Greig, likes boats. A lot. Darryl like Greig seems to collect them. Darryl, like Greig is working more than he actually has time to devote to said boats. So for the past while they have bandied about trades here and trades there and finally something stuck. Greig traded three non-running boats and the bayliner for a running tug.


Yesterday afternoon was a provincial holiday here in BC and our only day off. We had hoped to take my RIB out for a blast and a few loading and unloading lessons for me about it all but thieves intervened in our fun and took the new toy from in front of my house at about 6:30am yesterday morning. My neighbour across the street is an early riser and witnessed them and called the police who went in hot pursuit. In the opposite direction.

Alas, the plates Jim saw on the truck didn't match and so the truck or the plates was also stolen. Sigh. We never even got to USE it and had it for less than three days.

I guess they tried taking my suburban too as he had seen them shoving what looked to be a screwdriver in the driver side door. That suburban was a replacement to another suburban that we had stolen last October. It received a new engine recently and we're still working on sorting out the bugs from that.

Not to let the bastards get us down entirely, we opted to take Saorsa out for a drive as I hadn't been on it yet and more time on it gave Greig more opportunity to get to know it better.

The Saorsa was built by Fulton Shipyards in the US circa WW2 I believe. It used to be called the Butte and rumour had it was that it pulled the supply barge to Alcatraz. I have since discovered that it was probably was McNeil Island Penitentiary, which had an Alcatraz connection in that it once housed the Birdman of Alcatraz. (Source: http://www.historylink.org/index.cfm?DisplayPage=output.cfm&file_id=5238). Saorsa comes from the Old Irish sairse: which means freedom or salvation, redemption. Clearly someone had a sense of humour.

It is a very solid tug and it plows through the waves with ease and is very stable. It has a V12 Cummins and a Northern lights genset on it that is in need of servicing. Of course it is another project but in all fairness in the last year he has gotten rid of seven projects and has downsized significantly. Yea!

Here are the photos of our afternoon cruise.


rob said...

Great post Tana thanks for sharing the photos. I`m so glad that Greg can get some use out of his vessel now!

Jamie said...

Oh, I love it! That is so cool ~

Shirley Landis VanScoyk said...

BOO thieves. I hope they get in the stolen boat and sink and drown. OR that the police find your boat.