Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wet exhaust conversion

As the Saorsa was a working day tug, it has no facilities or comfort spaces for extended travel. In the weeks since we got it, Greig has moved the hot tub from of the bow deck of the Express and on to the stern of the tug. The hot tub now sits just forward of the rudder stock leaving room for the not-yet-installed tow post..

The next problem at hand is that if one is cruising down the river and actually wanting to enjoy that back deck and say, sit in said hot tub, one gets bathed in the exhaust. A conversion from a dry exhaust to a wet exhaust and removing the stack seemed his first major task. Once the stack is removed he can bump up the deck level and  convert the poorly used spaces into more liveable space.

By in large he is trying to do all of this conversion himself to keep the cost down. He consulted someone to put in the mixer for it but he was quoted $900 per side (in stainless).

In the video above, he has got one side done. Just before I left on a business trip he got the port side completed. Today, we helped him remove the cowling from around the exhausts.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A dose of reality and the TV show that almost was.

Back in September of 2006, we filmed a TV pilot with life on the Bowie and our little social experiment as the background for the plot. Greig had a friend named Kate from acting school, who was getting into producing at at the time and doing so for Paperny Films. We felt there was much craziness that happened that none of us could have ever dreamed up left to our own devices. She pitched it to the powers that be and one day in September she showed up with a crew and we did a day of it. Some 14 hours of video was shot and couple of months later she presented us with a DVD. At one time I had lots of copies and even stored on my computer. Then the big computer died and alas no more backups were about.

I've been gently prodding her from from time to time to post it on YouTube so that I can link it to my blog. But her producing career has taken off and she has been busy doing so many things, like her own production company, Kate Green Productions.

Surprise! I am so excited to be finally able to say, here is the LINK!

Yeah, this is what we did. Thanks so much Kate!