Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What tha haps?

Yes. I have been quiet lately.
Very quiet.
We've been laying quite low.
Re-grouping. Losing weight, eating better, sleep better. Attempting Cuban dance classes. Together! Yep, true story.

We've been trying to find a common purpose that leaves us both with our own respective sense of self intact. The years after selling the Bowie and moving up the river and downsizing from all of that took a bit of a toll on us both. It took three years and through various negotiations and trades we have now gotten ourselves down to ONE BOAT.

Sometime soon, probably in the spring when we've got some more cash to blow, we'll amp this baby back up again with the new star of the show, the Saorsa. And it only took two subchasers, a ketch, a chris craft, a steel cat/floathouse, a water taxi, a bayliner, a ferro-cement tug conversion for Greig to finally find a vessel that fit us both. Turned out it would be a tug.

Jaybus was that a journey or wot? Yep. And it ain't over.


Jamie said...

Love it - can't wait for the next installments. So happy when you're writing; it's what you're meant to do, missy!

IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

"turned out it would be a tug"
but of course!!

Can't wait to read more.